Question about storage capacity of GameCube vs. Xbox gamediscs.

Just got a GameCube and never knew that the game discs were so small. How much info can they store vs. the standard DVDs used by Xbox? Also, how many megs do the larger Xbox games typically use? Might Nintendo be hamstrung later on by it’s choice for a smaller disc?

Gamecube discs hold about 1.5GB. The XBOX format is DVD-9 which holds about 8.5GB.

Perhaps a bit cumbersome, but you can switch discs in the middle of a game on the Gamecube if you need to. I think Enter the Matrix does this.


Yes, and don’t let the maximum storage capacity of the GameCube disk bother you. Very few games actually require more than 1.5gigs, and in the event they do, it’s generally utilized purely for FMV (Full Motion Video), which is unimportant in my book.

It should also be noted that no Xbox game has actually utilized the second DVD layer yet (unless it’s gone unreported). So all Xbox games are under 4.25 Gigs.