Xbox memory blocks - how big? how many?

I have scoured the internet and searched these forums, but can find very little information about Xbox memory blocks. One thread here mentioned that the Xbox hard drive can hold about 50,000 memory blocks.

  1. How big is each block?

  2. How many blocks fit onto the memory chip (that you have to buy separately)?

see they dont measure memory in blocks on consoles anymore … they do it with kbs and mbs like ram and hd space ,

according to the www. website theres a 3rd party one and a official ms one There both 8 mb

I’t seems they just came out with them and are geared to the x-box live crowd from the reviews of the official ms one

So my math might be off but it would take around 800 of the memory cards to equal the hd on the box

unless you play at someone elses house a lot it seems like a trifle …

bleh the site is look under x box and then acessories

Thanks - I looked, I was trying to work out the amount of save games that would fit on a memory card, because my Morrowind saves appear to be 61 or 62 blocks each, and I wanted to make sure at least one would fit on the memory card.

(This is because if you see my Pit Thread they sold me the wrong xbox (Asian language version) and it’s going to take a little while for the right one to come in. So in the meantime I am using the Asian one, but want to be able to transfer at least one saved game to the new English one when it arrives.