question about the CARES act and unemployment

the determination for eligibility for help from the PUA (pandemic unemployment assistance) in my state does not include situations explained in info I’m finding on the DOL’s (dept of labor) website. specifically this -

k) The individual meets any additional criteria established by the Secretary for unemployment assistance under this section.  The Secretary has determined that, in addition to individuals who qualify for benefits under the other criteria described above, an individual who works as an independent contractor with reportable income may also qualify for PUA benefits if he or she is unemployed, partially employed, or unable or unavailable to work because the COVID-19 public health emergency has severely limited his or her ability to continue performing his or her customary work activities, and has thereby forced the individual to suspend such activities.

from here (and elsewhere I believe)

page I-6
So, this document appears to be answering questions in how to implement the program. how binding is this info, in regards to states having to follow their guidelines?

*I’ve been approved for assistance, I’ve had my only weekly claim denied with no letter of determination why. Since this criteria isn’t something my state seems to be using, I’m sure my not fitting into the other categories is why I was denied.

This article is from a month ago. At that time only about 1/2 of the states were paying out unemployment benefits to gig workers.