anyone else having problems with pua benefits?

I’m self employed and I meet the criteria to qualify for the pua benefits, but it’s one road block after another. some of it no doubt is the high volume, but a lot of it is intentionally I’m sure (as does a state senator I spoke with about it).

they’ve said that they’ll allow backdating of claims to a point in early april, but the system doesn’t seem to support that even being an option.

I’ve got a solid 4 weeks that the pandemic seriously affected my income, to the point it being non existent basically. so when they listed the self employed as being eligible for the $600 a week (if you meet their criteria), I was like sign me up for that deal. it’s looking more and more that that was just some thing for them to advertise to make their stimulus package seem to be helping more people than it has (and I know it’s helped a lot of people, I’m not saying it hasn’t).

anyone else having similar problems getting things filed, processed, approved?

Do you mean UI benefits? It depends on the state, some states are better than others but something like half of the unemployed haven’t gotten benefits yet.

I’m in Michigan, and self-employed. I had no problem getting my UI and PUA benefits. I applied and within a week, the money was in my account. Every state is different, with Michigan, from what I gather, being among the best to handle the influx of self-employed/gig/contract workers applying.
OP: What state are you in?

It took my wife 6 weeks in Indiana to start getting hers. We live on the border of Indiana and Kentucky. From what I’ve seen if you were first to file then you got it quickly in either state. If you came to the party late it’s going to take quite some time for them to get through the high volume of applicants. We were told to wait because PUA wouldn’t be ready. Then when we filed there were no vouchers for past weeks so we lost out on a couple. Ultimately we got something which is better than nothing.