Question about the formatting of replies on this board.

Hi all,

There are blue lines that separate the posts between members in a thread. In a few instances the width of the blue divider lines varies in size.

I haven’t been able to assess any pattern for the variance. Does it reflect the post replies are directed to?


Questions about the functioning of the board itself tend to go into About This Message Board, and I’m sure a mod will be along shortly to move this over, but in the meantime…

Could you link to an example of this? I’m not sure what you’re talking about, as I haven’t noticed a particular variation of the divider lines. Could you perhaps be looking at the lines that demarcate when someone’s quoting somebody else?

84 posts in two years? Do we smell?

Here we find some answers in a ATMB Thread.
(Answers about the blue bars, not about whether or not Clu thinks we smell.)

I have 314 posts in 5 years and yes, it’s because you smell.

Off to ATMB.

moderator GQ

Thanks, Bienville.