Question about the Rhade Island Fire and 9-11
Why don’t the fires at the World Trade Center count? After all the fires and their destruction of the towers caused most of the deaths.

Rhode Island, not Rhade Island. Can this be changed?

Well, first of all, the two horrific incidents that you quoted were not the act of terrorists, as the Trade Center was. Happy Land was one drunken asshole who had a fight with his girlfriend and thought it would teach her a lesson by pouring gas into the only entrance/exit of an illegal club. The Chicago incident should still be fresh in everyones minds…it just occured…and that, so they report, was the act of a few more assholes trying to quell a disturbance with pepper spray. If we are going to start keeping count of TERRORIST fires, let us all hope that The Trade Center remains at number one.

Probably a matter of classification. The 9-11 events belong more in the catagories of “plane crash” or “terrorism” or “explosion”.