Question about the show Monk

I just saw the first episode for the first time today. It implies that Monk is the way he is as a result of the trauma of losing his wife.

But I know I have seen episodes where there are flashbacks to his life with her, and in those flashbacks he still has his trademark obsessions.

Anyone know what’s going on?


Monk was always neurotic and eccentric, but Trudy was a calming or equalizing force in his life. He crashed hard after her death and is only just emerging back into society as as the show begins.

In other words, he’s worse now than he was then, but he wasn’t exactly average then.

FYI, the fourth season starts on Friday at 10pm.


I see someone else has been watching the Monk Marathon!

Monk also talks about his childhood sometimes, and you can tell that he was quite a neurotic kid/young adult. You have to wonder how he managed to snag Trudy, who was, according to flashbacks, quite the bombshell. :smiley: (Awful, going-to-hell pun intended.)

I think the idea that he’s always been this way, to a degree, enriches the possibilities for the show’s future. We’re not going to see him fully recover, but we are going to see him get better. It’ll be interesting to see what brings him peace and why, and how the people in his life act as equalizing forces in different ways. We can already see that Natalie (his current nurse) has a different effect on Monk than Sharona (his former nurse) had.

Also, I like the fact that this show, which revolves around its main character, does not require its main character to have a romantic life. Or, rather, that his (very marginal) romantic life is almost entirely centered around his dead wife.

I didn’t really watch the last season. I still miss Sharona (dammit, bring her back!). I’m not sure if the last year was any good.

Last season was so-so, I was caught by surprise by the departure of Sharona (I don’t watch the show religiously but I do enjoy it when I see it). Tony Shaloub is fantastic as always but whats-her-face was iffy.

Though seeing the pilot last night reminded me that Sharona went through an adjustment period, however the new girl seems to be much more slower in adjusting.

I think Sharona had to go because she was becoming Monk’s balancing factor like his wife was and so they needed to toss him back into eccentricity. Though I look forward to this season’s opener.

Sharona had to go because Bitty Schram wanted a raise and the producers didn’t want to give it to her.

I think the quality is going down. I’m getting annoyed that plots are devolving into being centered so much around the main cast, straining credibility. It’s easier to write, I guess, and maybe viewers respond better when the mystery revolves around a character they already know and identify with, but, meh, it’s just lazy.

Also, these days I’m usually able to find the solution by the halfway point. And, seriously, I’m not that smart!

It’s not a “who done it”, but a how Monk solves the crime. Like Columbo, some episodes show the crime being commited at the beginning.

And bring Sharona back, no matter what the cost in wages!

I rather imagine the actors who played Beni and her Mother curse her every night when they go to sleep. :slight_smile:

I admit I like Natalie more than Sharona, although Sharona was certainly not bad for the show. Sharona fit in more with the rest of the cast, but Natalie plays of Monk better.

I’m finding the gimmick of his OCD is becoming a bit tired. They’ve used up most of the clever variations and it’s becoming stale.

I do wish they’d pick up the “who killed Trudy?” subplot. The mysteries were never all that great, but that seems to have legs.

Though when Monk does finally confront the killer, he needs to say, “My name is Adrian Monk. You killed my Trudy. Prepare to die.” :wink:

Because he is new to her, perhaps?
We lose things like the wonderful scene in which the Mexico police tell Sharona Monk is dead.
Policeman: “He crawled through the mud after being hit by a car.”
Sharona: “HA! He’s alive! Monk would die before he’d crawl through mud!”

Oh, yeah.

I think Monk should have killed the bomber in the hospital. It would have turned from a gimmick driven comedy to a dark tragedy. Monk would be seriously f–ked up, not a comic relief detecive and mad for a much more interesting character. Buffalo Bill could have acquired some character development by helping cover up. :slight_smile:

But it didn’t used to be. There was a very satisfying “AH! Of COURSE!” moment when Monk revealed the solution. Not so much any more. If even I can catch the killer right away, we have a problem.


Meh. He was only a hired gun, and he was dying anyway. Killing him wouldn’t have brought Monk any satisfaction.

So you’re writing for the show now, Mr. Smart Guy? :slight_smile:

It would have completely changed the character, for the better in my view, but I’m sure they didn’t want to do that. Heck, Buffalo Bill won’t let Monk carry a weapon.


Sharona *AND * Natalie! Thik about it: both of them secretly kind of liking Monk while desperately being irritated at the same time! Ha!