Question about the time limit for editing a post

I understand there is a brief amount of time given to people to edit a post once they first submit it.

But it feels like there may be some discrepancy in the amount of time accorded to someone after they first make a post and so I would like to ask you whether the clock begins from the moment they first submit the post or from the moment they first click on the button “Create New Thread” or “Post New Reply”.

The reason I ask is that I recently tried to reply to some post and clicked on “Post New Reply”. But before I actually submitted my reply, I went through several iterations of editing it and previewing it. Then I submitted it.

I may be mistaken but it seemed to me the clock started at the time I first clicked on the “Reply” button and not from the time I first clicked on “Post Reply”.

If the time begins when I first click on “Reply”, then I would want to use an editor to make any go through the iterations of changes and corrections before actually submitting the post and only once I was satisfied would I then click on “Submit Reply”.

It is quite late and I am very tired so I hope that I have explained my question OK. Thank you for your consideration.

BTW, is there a forum I can use for testing these questions so that I can try them myself and don’t have to bother you asking about them? Somewhere I can make “test threads”?

You can make test threads here. Just put “test” in the title.

You have 5 minutes after the time stamped on your post*. Hitting the “post reply” or “Create New Thread” button just brings up box for you to type in. You can work in that window all day if you want**.

*That’s specific to this message board. On other message boards the time limit will be different. Usually longer, sometimes ‘forever’ or even unavailable.

**That’s the case on all message boards. I’ve yet to see one that limits how long you have to compose a post.

Loach and Joey P,

Thank you both very much.