Question About Thinkpad A21p

I need help with a used laptop I recently bought. It is a Thinkpad A21p on which the hard drive had been completely wiped clean. I was not able to keep the power on for more than 5 minutes whether I used the power cord and battery or the power cord without the battery. However, since the battery was charged when I got it, I was able to install the operating system and lots of software just on the battery alone. Once the battery lost all its charge I have never been able to get the laptop to stay on more than 5 minutes.

I have tried different power cords and I have bought a docking station and nothing makes a difference. Any suggestions?

Did you use a different power brick when you changed cords? I suspect it may be going bad, probably having a heat sensitive part. When that part gets too warm, the power brick shuts off. Don’t ask me which part; there are a few in there that could be troublemakers. Obviously, if you have access to another power brick, try it out.

If you’re using the IBM Port Replicator, you’re bypassing my first guess, the power connector on the back of the machine breaking away from the circuit board. This docking station appears to run power through the bus connector on the bottom of the machine.

If you leave the laptop off, but plug it in, does it charge? Does the volts/amps required by the laptop match those provided by the power brick? (See stickers on bottom of each).

It’s possible there’s something wrong with some power conversion component there… another possibility is that your laptop is only running at 100% when plugged in, and that the CPU or some other part is overheating. My friend’s laptop would really chug after 5 minutes of work; it turned out that one of the cpu fans was marginal, and the interior heat sink was clogged with dust. A new fan and some canned air and it was working again.