Question about third gen ipod touch remote control

The newer model ipod touches come with the capability to be controlled by a small inline box on the headphone wire that does stuff like pause/volume/next track/etc. and even includes a microphone for voice commands. It comes on the stock apple earbuds.

But I don’t want to use the crappy apple earbuds, but I still want this functionality. Does this function come on some sort of detachable second headphone wire with the unit? That is… you plug the remote control wire into the ipod, and then plug the earbud wire into that, so that you could use any headphones with that functionality?

If not (and the stock earbuds have the remote control as an integral part of the wire, does Apple sell a unit like I described which will allow you to plug any headset into a remote control unit?

Might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but I have one of these. While it’s made for a car it’s just basically a matchbook-size remote that detaches from the steering wheel mount, and a receiver that attaches to the data port. With that you can use any headphone/line out you want through the headphone jack. It’s a little fidgety at first (for instance plug in the receiver before plugging in the headphones) but works well once eveything’s up and running. It’s also a little spendy.

well apple has a in ear headphones with remote which cost more, they used to have a inear headset in the first gen.

Yeah, the best I’ve been able to find is specific models that have the control built in, like the Apple In-Ear headphones, and the Klipsch S4i IEMs. I vaguely recall that Sennheiser made a version of the PX-100s that had a control like this, but I can’t find it - does anyone happen to have the model number?

Anyway, ideally I would like to find a simple adapter which plugs any headphone on one end into a control unit, which then plugs into the headphone jack. I can’t find any.

Belkin sells them for $20. They are on Amazon. I have one. I’m on my iPod otherwise I’d link you to it. Just go to amazon and search for ipod shuffle headphone remote adapter. It works with the touch as well. It’s exactly what you are asking for.