Question About TMZ (TV Show)

Ok I just started watching this TV show, my question is about the people that introduce the stories.

For instance, they have the long haired dude, Max introduce a story and he says “We have Jessica Simpson at the airport…” And then they show someone filming Jessica Simpson at the airport and someone asking her a question. My question is is that Max asking the question?

Are the, for lack of a better word, personalities that introduce the segments of each celebrity the ones out with the camera man? I ask 'cause the voice asking the questions with the camera man don’t sound like the personality introducing the celebrity segment.

I think that these guys are reporters who have developed sources who send them material and are paid well for said material.

I hate that fucking show. If I ever became very wealthy, I’d pay a couple of camera men to follow around that smug asshole with the long blond hair and make his life a living hell within the law. He’d get his own special web page with video links of him picking his nose and whatever. If he’s single, he’d never have a date alone again. If he has a family, they’d be prominent on the web page as well.

The show makes it look like those people in the office are producers reporting on things they’ve picked up from the camera people, but the only person on the show who is really involved with the website is the man they all “report” to, Harvey Levin, the managing editor of the website.

All the other people in the room are merely actors used to set up the paparazzi clips. One of them used to be an MTV host and another is a host for TCM and another for the TV Guide Channel.

I love that show. There is far too little snark on celeb TV and I loved it the other day when Harvey and that other lawyer guy started talking lawyer smack. I grew up on that shit.