Question about Tom Cruise scene, Paycheck or Minority Report

I can’t bring myself to rewatch either of these movies so I appeal to Dopers with better memories or stronger stomachs. :smiley:

In one of these movies, Tom Cruise walks past a wall of video ads and they ‘extend’ holographically to confront and pester him. It’s a striking and prescient scene.

Which movie is it in, about where, and - the real question - do the ads address him by name?

Paycheck starred Ben Affleck.

Here’s the one-minute Minority Report scene, where, yes, he’s addressed by name:

Paycheck and Mission Impossible 2 were both directed by John Woo, though, so perhaps that is how you confused the two.

Paycheck isn’t all that bad, by the way. Certainly better than MI: 2.

Aces. Thanks.

Yeah, I dunno why I thought it was Tommie in Paycheck. Same general idea, I guess.