Tom Cruise scene inspired by painting?

The new Tom Cruise flick “Minority Report” includes a scene in the trailers with Cruise in a bathtub, his eyes bandaged so the retina-scanning spider robots can’t check his identitiy. I am virtually certain I saw this exact image long ago as an illustration in Omni Magazine, a science fiction/science fact mag I read as a teenager. Could have been 20 years ago.
Does anyone know if the film makers actually used that painting as an inspiration for the scene? It is almost exactly as I remember the painting, even the unusual lighting with the white bandage overly bright. It’s a great looking scene and very odd, so I doubt it’s just a coincidence.
(I also noticed that in “Vanilla Sky” they used a cool painting I’d seen somewhere else. It’s the really big one in the Cruise character’s home of some guys on motorbikes, all of them wearing Halloween masks. Don’t know where I’d seen it before, but I instantly recognized it.)

Was it like Marat taking a bath by David? Link

Nope, totally different composition and style. This painting (or illustration, I don’t know if it’s actually a painting hanging on a wall somewhere) is a very modern, hyperrealist style. And it’s just like the Tom Cruise scene with him sitting in the bathtub, blindfolded.

Could it have anything to do with the short story the film was based on? (an illustration, maybe)

No, it couldn’t have been an illustration of the original short story, which was published in 1956, long before Omni was established.

I think I remember the picture you’re taling about. Were there forks sticking out of the eyes in that one (in Omni, not the movie)? If that’s the one you’re thinking of, I have a copy in a book somewhere and can look for it tomorrow.

I don’ t think the fork-in-the-eyes picture is the same one, but now that you mention it, I think I remember that one too. And it was the same style, so probably the same artist.
Maybe Spielberg likes the artist’s illustrations and used them to design the movie scene.

definitely wasn’t an illustration with the short story; there isn’t a scene like it in the original story. However (spoiler), the entire scene of the eye-replacing and eating rotten food blind seemed familiar to me, as if I’d seen it somewhere before. Anyone have any ideas if that part’s been used somewhere before too?

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this thread reminds me of the first scene in Dr Strangelove where you see the general’s assistant, and she looks exactly like the first time you see Lolita in, well, Lolita. But there, the connection is obvious.

Okay, I had to go looking for it. The picture I was thinking of (forks in the eyes) is by an Austrian artist named Gottfried Helnwein and you can see it [url [here](

(I’m having an awful time getting this to appear as a proper link so you might have to cut and paste the url. Sorry)