Question about use of laptop "panel" mouse

I don’t know what this thing is called. My laptop’s mouse is like the usual contemporary laptop mouse–a “panel” on which you slide your finger in order to move the cursor on screen.

My question is–is there a way to tell the computer, after “double tapping” in order to simulate a left mouse button click, and then sliding around in order to select a boxed area of the screen, is there a way to tell the computer “I’m going to take my finger off the panel now but I don’t mean this to signal an end to the box-selection: Keep the left mouse button state in ‘clicked-and-held’ mode!”

What I’m trying to do is select a very large area of the screen, but I’m having trouble because I reach the end of my mouse panel before I reach the area of the screen I need to end my area-selection with.

Hope that made some sense.

I imagine different models may handle this differently. For what it’s worth, I’ve got a Compaq, one manufactured within the last year.


Sounds like the trackpad scaling is set incorrectly for your purposes. You can probably open Mouse Properties in Control Panel and find an option to make the pad have a one-to-one relationship to the screen, preventing the running off the edge problem.

“Probably” is because there are so many different trackpads and drivers out there.

Well… you can hold down the left button of the trackpad to get the same effect, however if the trackpad isn’t capable encompassing the entire screen it may be that you are in a non-default video mode where the resolution is too low for the cursor to capture the entire screen. Temporarily switching to a higher screen res for the captures may solve your problem.

Updating your trackpad drivers might also be a good idea.