Question about water filters

My faucet mounted water filter instructions say that I should run the water for five seconds to activate the filter. First, why is that? And, second how much filtration is going on for the first five seconds?

Do the instructions mean the first time you install a new filter, or every time you use it? I can’t imagine having to waste five seconds’ worth of water every time. It doesn’t take me 5 seconds to fill a glass.

The inline filter I use on the fridge (for chilled water and ice) spews black stuff (I think there’s activated charcoal in the filter) when I hook a new one up and you’re supposed to flush it first.

It’s every time you use it. I have to run it for five minutes after the first install and five seconds for every use thereafter.

It’s this filter btw, if that helps.

It’s to flush the filter of stagnant water that may have reabsorbed some of the undesirables that the filter takes out.

So how bad is it if I don’t wait?

How bad is your municipal water supply?

You might notice a difference in taste. Might not. Either way it won’t be harmful.