Question about when or if you can state opinion

In this thread, I got this note:

My question is are we ever allowed to just tell another poster that we find their post offensive or do we always have to report it, take it to the Pit, or ignore it?

I’ll be interested in the mod’s response on this. Your comment seemed rather innocent, although I can see where iianyiiii’s might have bordered on junior mod’ing. You were just telling posters how you felt. He was telling them how they should post.

This was iianyiiii’s post:

This is a mod’s description of what is and what isn’t jr. modding:

Going by Bone’s description, I don’t think iianyiiii even bordered on jr. modding.

“Let’s all try to be better than the society we came from.” Sounds at least close to what a mod might say when trying to get posters to be more civil. Not “I wish we could…” or “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” but “Let’s all try…”.

Bone’s description was pretty much at the far end of the spectrum. He said things in-between would be context dependent, so I see that is “in between”. YMMV.

Posters are not restricted from trying to get others to be more civil; they are restricted from trying to enforce rules.

“You are being very rude”
“You are breaking board rules by being so rude”.

Any thoughts on whether you can say that you were offended by something that someone else said, or is that always a Pit conversation?

Followed by this:

“Let’s all try to be better” doesn’t sound like anything like rule enforcement to me.

It’s the difference between a question and a statement. Asking vs. telling. It’s also, like I said “close to” junior mod’ing. The mods often step in before things get to the rule breaking point.

But just to be clear, I’m not interested in debating this. Just telling you how I see it. Obviously ITD saw something wrong with those posts, and I guess we’ll see what that was when she comes into this thread and explains.

Can we not debate this, please? :wink:

Hi Sunny! As with many mod rulings, context plays a big role. In this case the subject of your opinion was unrelated to the thread topic itself, and my concern was a hijack. In my mod note, I specifically told kayaker not to continue the hijack, debating whether the jokes about sharing around the females posters was funny.

So, this was not really a Jr Modding case, but a hijack on the funniness/offensiveness of the joke posts. So, in very general terms, I’d be less likely to moderate a post saying something was offensive, if the topic was the actual subject of the thread, rather than tangential. Can’t say I wouldn’t note it, depending on context, but in general.

Does that make sense?

Yet at no point did a mod say this was close to jr modding. You did. I don’t see any relevance whether or not one asks a question or makes a statement. Not the way iianyiiii did it.

IOW, can i just let you get the last word in, because you can’t help yourself?

Yep, I sure did. I said it. Which is also why I said “I said…”. But maybe I should have added something like “Obviously ITD saw something wrong with those posts, and I guess we’ll see what that was when she comes into this thread and explains.”

I don’t even know what that means. But don’t worry. No need to explain.

Thanks ITD. Makes sense.

It seems to me that in most situations the options are really report, ignore, or start another thread (likely in the Pit). On the one hand, it “feels” more correct to have the discussion grouped where it started. OTOH, you are right that it is not likely to be directly related to the original topic.

Nah, if you added that it would have sounded like you wanted to debate.

Okay. Thanks for letting me know.

Considering that reporting offensive posts almost never seems to achieve anything, I’m not a fan of the “report it or STFU” advice, to be honest.

Considering it was a reported post that led to my action, which led to this thread, ok.

No need to STFU since there’s always The Pit if reporting ain’t getting you no satisfaction.

Sometimes the things people say require a “Out of line, don’t do it again!” from the people in charge rather than a “Boo, we don’t like your opinion” from other posters.

I wasn’t aware offensive posts weren’t allowed … we have rules here and if we report rules violations then matters are promptly dealt with … it’s going to be impossible to ban offense in Great Debates, every debate position is offensive to someone, but there’s a difference between offensive posts and being a jerk …

It all in how we word the offensive post …

FYI, that’s an entirely different argument than you put forth before. But since we’re going to get a whole slew of different ideas about when that “sometime” is, without reference to anything specific, it’s hard to argue one way or the other.

Let’s all try to remember that there’s a “d” in my screen name.