What constitutes Junior Modding?

“Any conversation about his term’s length really belongs in a different thread, though.”

“Any non-SCotUS Trump talk about his term deserves its own thread.”

“If you wish to discuss this further, we can do so in another thread. It has no place in this one.”

That thread is only 22 posts long, and three of them are from this poster saying the same thing.


Didn’t report 'em, did you?

“I don’t wish to continue this line of discussion in this thread but will be glad to in a different one that is more subject specific.” - No problem, stating personal preference.

*“You may not discuss this further in this thread on penalty of official sanction.” *- Junior modding.

Things in between are context dependent. Generally a poster expressing their own desires without hint or implication they are imposing or enforcing some rule on other posters is okay. Even making requests is perfectly acceptable and common,* “can we keep this thread about red hens, and not yellow or white ones, please?”*

In the thread in question, it’s fine for **Superdude **to express his desire to not wish to participate in a discussion about certain aspects adjacent to the thread topic. I’d say a better practice if he wished to avoid a certain line of discussion is to mention it once and follow through with that, but it’s not a rule violation in that instance to mention it a few times as he did, based on my reading.

Does that constitute irony? People are so strict about it nowadays.

My interpretation of what was happening was no he was not junior modding, but instead just trying politely and increasingly desperately to not be bullied into being drawn into breaking the rules, without outright ignoring the person harassing him. Note that the supposed great frequency with which he mentioned the rules matches exactly the number of times he was pressured to ignore them.

From the FAQ:

So, no, he’s not admonishing anybody for breaking a rule. So, no junior modding IMNSHO.

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“Come on lets throw spitballs at the teacher”

“No we’re not supposed to”

“Who says? If you don’t you’re not my friend.”

“No we’re not supposed to. At least not here.”

“Don’t be a square. Do it or it will hurt my feelings.”

“Dude no, its not appropriate. We can do something after class.”

“Professor, he keeps making up rules for the class. Isn’t that your job?”

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Fine, you’re the boss. But three times in 22 posts seems excessive.

And did you report them?

D’Anconia, the only reason that I posted that three different times is because I was trying to prevent what could have been a huge hijack. It seemed to me that I was being challenged on my first post, and that people wanted to possibly derail a thread about Trump and the SCotUS, and instead turn it into another general Trump thread.

Maybe I worded it inelegantly, however.

Since you’re not a moderator, is it your place to “prevent a hijack?”

Since you didn’t report the posts, you have no grounds for complaint.

In any case, I don’t think what Superdude did constitutes junior modding.

And it appears to me that you did in fact initiate a hijack.

You haven’t answered the question. Did you report the posts?

You have no grounds for complaint if you didn’t report the posts.

In any case, I don’t see any case for junior modding in that thread.

I always figured Junior Modding was like pornography – I would know it when I saw it or the Supreme Court told me it was. :wink:

Is that now a new rule in ATMB, or just your opinion?

The forum description states:


Not a rule, just a fact.

Why exactly did you choose to open an ATMB thread rather than actually seek direct action from a moderator?

You’re also ignoring the fact that you were initiating a hijack.

It’s kind of like preventing forest fires - it’s all of our jobs :slight_smile: I mean not really, but it is good etiquette to try and stay on topic. Of course thread drift happens and it’s not a huge deal most of the time.

At the risk of appearing to Junior Mod again, with all due respect, D’Anconia, this feels - to me, anyway - like you have a personal problem with me. If so, then please either PM me or start a Pit thread if you’d like to discuss things further.

If I’m being paranoid - which is certainly possible - then you have my apologies for misinterpreting your quoted posts.