Question about WW2 battlefield medicine

Put simply, how much medical training did the US army give the common rifleman and what kind of a first aid kit did he carry? I’m not asking about specific people trained as medics but just your average guy with a pack and a rifle.

I just saw an old movie where Private Jones fitted a pressure bandage and administered a shot of morphine to his sergeant after the sergeant caught a shell fragment in his leg. I’m just wondering about the facts behind this scene.

Each rifleman carried a Morphine Syrette and a Carlisle Bandage. It doesn’t sound like there is anything unbelievable about that scene.

Here is a link to the entire first aid kit carried by airborne infantry soldiers. It contained

Container, Packet, First-Aid, Parachute
Morphine Tartrate, 1 Tube
Sulfadiazine, 8 Tablets
Sulfanilamide, Crystalline, 5, 5-Gm Envelopes
Dressing, First-Aid, Small, Field Brown
Tourniquet, Field

I’m not saying anything was unbelievable about the scene. I don’t know enough about the facts behind the scene to comment usefully. I’m just curious about how the average rifleman would have been trained and equipped to deal with the battlefield medical needs.

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