Question abuot the wiper controls on a 98 Bravada.

Where are the controls located? It has interval wipers and they are acting erratically. Stopping by themselves, not stopping by themselves, not starting when I want them to and generally doing things to make me want to throw a brick through the windshield.
The controls for the wipers are on the directional arm, but I’m thinking there is a seperate control box for them somewhere. Or not. Do I replace the directional arm with the wiper controls on it or some other device?

ps; It is not the wiper motor itself, it’s the interval controller.


The wiper control module is in the form of a circuit board that’s integral with the wiper motor cover. It is available separately or as part of a complete motor assembly.

Thanks, found it and replaced it. It works like new now! Autozone had one in stock.