Question for Cooks: Spaghetti Squash

I’ve been on Atkins for two weeks now (I’ve read about the dangers…please take warnings to another thread) and the one thing I’m really missing is pasta. So I bought a spaghetti squash, cooked it up, and tried it.

The damn thing won’t stop crunching! Is there some special way to get the pulp to soften up to the point where I don’t feel like I’m eating shredded lettuce in tomato sauce? It just crunches and crunches…otherwise it seems fine. No real taste. Bland enough to be pasta. But the crunch! Agh!

Please help!

Haven’t personal experience with this (although I’ve been on Atkins for about three weeks, so I may have to give it a try), but this site says you can microwave it. The Joy of Cooking also gives this method:

Of course, on the other hand, this site says not to, but rather ovenroast @400F for 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

How are you cooking it? That might help figure what’s wrong.

I was using the instructions on the sticker that was on the squash. Microwaved 10 minutes, let stand for 5. Maybe I’ll do the second one for 15 and 10.

If I can’t get rid of the crunch, I’m going to have to look for more alternatives, like tofu noodles or something.

I’m trying to recall what my stepmum does…

I believe she microwaves it for a bit, then finishes it off in the oven brushed with butter. They do take awhile to bake/zap, so just keep experimenting. The results are worth it.

Steam that sucker. Cut it into quarters and scoop out the seeds first.

20 minutes or so of good hot steam should do it. Then scrape out the strands and dress them with your favorite pasta sauce and grated cheese.

My wife, Miss No-Carbs, eats this crap all the time. The rest of us have pasta.

I’ve made spaghetti squash a few times. I pierce it a few times with a fork and bake it whole in the oven for about 45 mins. Then I take it out, cut it in half, scoop out the seeds, and shred with a fork. It’s good with butter and grated parmesan.

Use any vegetables at all, it’s better than pasta.

I had a friend around once and while heating a meaty pasta sauce discovered I had no pasta. Not wishing to go out I sliced up all the long vegetables I had. I made long thin strips of zucchini, capsicum, pumpkin, carrot and a bit of cabbage. I steamed these to a pasta like “bendiness” and served with the sauce.

I prefer this now to pasta - it’s tastier, more filling and lower in carbs.

I find that spaghetti squash in red sauce is kind of blah, but with butter, salt, and pepper, it’s absolutely divine!

I slice mine in half lengthwise and then nuke it cut side down. If it’s not done enough, then I just nuke it for longer.

Thanks, everyone! I’m going to cut it open first and cook it longer next time. I was never an adherent of al dente anyway, so if it nukes to completely limp, I’ll be fine.