Sunburst Squash Recipes?

Okay, so I went to the farmer’s market today. I got the cherries I was hoping to get. I also bought some green beans. When I goggled at one of the squashes and it’s unusual shape, the woman told me it was a sunburst squash, and threw it in my bag for free telling me to “try it.”

I’ve only ever cooked zuccini and butternut squash. This thing is too small to make a meal of, especiall since I’d like both myself and the Kangaroo_in_Black to try it. How should I make this into a tasty snack or side dish?

(Here is an image for anyone who’s wondering what I’m talking about. Sorry it’s so small.)

Those are also called pattypan, if I’m not mistaken. You use them just like you’d use any other yellow summer squash. I’m partial cooking them a bit, hollowing them out, stuffing them with a crabmeat mixture and putting them in the oven.

Umm. I don’t know how to cook a yellow summer squash, I’ve never done such a thing. I’m not really a cook.

Sunburst vary in size from a couple inches in diameter to 8 or more, so the cooking time will vary.
Cut the squash along the equator, and spoon out the seeds.
Slap the squash halves open face down on a cookiesheet and bake at 350 for about 45 min, or until tender. Flip, add butter and brown sugar, and eat with a spoon.
You can also cook squash in the microwave. In a cover dish, or on a plate with a quarter cup or so of water on it. Again, place the squash open face down. 12-16 minutes should do it for a 6-8" squash.
Oven cooked squash tastes a little better than microwaved squash.

I’ve eaten all sorts of different squash, and my favorite is the Hubbard squash. They can weigh several pounds, and are practically a meal in themselves.

My favorite squash has always been Butternut Squash, but I haven’t had a lot of squashes.

Anyway, this is a tiny (maybe 2’) squash, and I don’t think it’s worth heating the oven up for, so microwave it is.


I didn’t realize they were so small. Get some butter and diced shallots going in a pan over medium heat. Quarter the squash (remove the stem and bottom–blossom end first) and sautee them until soft and ready to eat. Throw in a diced tomato, a handful of fresh (or frozen) early June peas and a bit of blanched green beans and you’ve got yourself a nice summer medley of veggies. Top off the whole mess with some shredded Parm and serve over rice, cous cous or Quinoa.

I cook yellow summer squash just steamed with onion. Slice squash into disks and slice some onion. Add salt and pepper, and a dash of sugar to sweeten it up a bit if you like. Only takes about 10-15 minutes. I bet you could cook the sunburst kind the same way.

Not only small, UrbanChic, there’s also only one squash, and it’s only that small. It’s like a farmer’s market “taste test”. However, your recipe there does sound really good.

They are also good stuffed and baked with regular bread stuffing like you would use at Thanksgiving.

Ah, yes. Just like you stated quite clearly in your OP. Sorry about that. My recipe still stands; just cut the squash into smaller pieces.

Sounds tasty.