Question for doper plumbers

I am looking for a thermostatic shower setup like the one on the cruise ship we just finished vacationing in. It has a water sprinkler head at the top, and the exposed pipe had the hand held mounted on it in an adjustable clamp, but the best part as the valving.

The left valve controlled the hot/cold mix, and would stay at whatever temp we left it at and had a little red button to push in if we wanted it hotter than safe for kids[i guess that was what it was for] and the right hand valve controlled the water pressure, and it had a little valve above on the pipe that directed the water to the shower head or the hand held.

Anybody know of one in America or Europe that matches the description they can link me to? I really want to get one to put in our shower here at home.

Check out some of the higher end valve sets by Moen, Delta, etc.

Here is a thermostatically balanced set with variable pressure from Delta:

Very nice, but I need the sort that has the handheld for me [gimp, I sit in the shower =)] and the regular watersprinkler head for mrAru, who stands just fine …

Costco has something like this in their stores, but I am not sure it’s available online.

This one is online, but the one in store is much cheaper (this one is 1300)

i think you can buy the valve (fixed in the wall) with handheld spouts that can be used in the hand or hanging on the wall. lots of options and mix-and-match.

Have you looked online by searching for handicap/disability/special needs showers? There is a shower stall at my gym for handicapped patrons and it has the exact shower setup you describe (as well as a bench).

Here’s a random site that discusses such bath options, and you’ll see that the link at the bottom goes to a page about the shower head you’re looking for. There’s also info on the thermostatic option. Unfortunately, the link to BUY such a contraption is broken :frowning: But you can use “special needs showers” as a search launching point.

In europe, you can find it at, good quality german make, other variants are possible, notably using a standard 150mm shower tap with an inverser added to switch between overhead and flexible shower bit. Cheaper models are available but care must be taken, cheap faucets are rarely a good deal.

I installed this brand when building my home 6 years ago. Very happy with it.

A single valve control temperature. Never need to touch it if you’re happy with it.

There are two body sprays, a hand held unit, and a wall mounted “conventional” shower head. Each has it’s own flow control valve.