Question for ER and EMT - Medic Alert

In researching medical alert jewelry I’ve looked at Medic Alert and a few other providers.

It seems to me that Medic Alert ™ is a well known name and offers a phone number for medical responders to contact for additional information. They also charge an annual service fee.

There are other jewelry suppliers providing medical alert type jewelry with just the pertinent information engraved on it - there’s no additional contact information for access to a database of additional information.

Is Medic Alert ™ the gold standard? As medical professionals, do you recommend Medic Alert ™ over other jewelry for any practical reason or do you get what you need to know just by what’s engraved on any old medical alert jewelry?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

As I recall, we were trained to look for a “Medic Alert” bracelet - not a “Medic Alert Brand” bracelet.

Answer from my fiance, paramedic for 30+ years:

The brand isn’t important; the information it provides is. So I guess it depends on what you need people to know if you can’t communicate. It’s best to have the information on the jewelry itself, so no time is lost calling anyone. “Diabetic, penicillin allergy” would probably fit on the jewelry. But if you have multiple drug allergies or chronic conditions, then the database sounds like a good idea.

I’m currently shopping for one as well. The sites I’ve looked at offer engraving on the front and back with no indication as to what the convention is.

Any recommendations? What goes on the front what goes on the back?

Does it need to say anything besides Diabetes type 1. Is it to be assumed if he’s in distress the pros will stabilize him and then later fish in his pockets for my phone number, or put the phone number on it, too?

I have never seen one with a phone number on it but with our long transport times we would either call it or relay it to the ER staff.
Think also about the fridge tag, and we have a lot of mine workers in my area and like at the mine I work for we have avalible alert stickers for inside hard hats as jewlery isn,t worn by many.

What’s a fridge tag?

They vary from place to place but it will be a card or magnet stuck to the fridge door indicating a vial or other container has pertanint medical information for one or more residents in the home is in or on the Refridgerator. Its a standardized location to look for information should we have a need for it.
It is also used for DNR papers that are a PITA

A link to another agency that uses a simular system,