question for former drug users

I noticed yesterday that I have kept an odd habit from my drug-using (meth, in case anyone really wants to know) days. I haven’t used since Feb of '01, but now when I get really tired (no sleep for 20 hours or more) I clench my teeth and suck the air out of my mouth. I used to do this when I was coming down. I don’t notice it until my mouth hurts. I also get itchy. I saw this anti-drug commercial once where this girl on drugs is sitting in the shower scratching her body and freaking out. I can totally relate. Anyways, my question is, has anyone else ever kept a habit that you can definitely say developed when you were a user?

Old habit? Feb 2001, thats only a year and a half. You need to wait a while longer before you talk about it like the stuff you used to do as a kid. Crank sucks. Nothing like a good nights sleep.

I tend to roll scrap paper, kind of like rolling a joint, if I’ve got nothing to fiddle with while I read or something. I haven’t done drugs in about 4 years (is that enough time for you, Beaten Man?) but I still tend to do it. The funny thing is, I was rarely the one to roll a joint, because I wasn’t all that good at it, and others would get impatient.

So I guess that’s my old habit.

I also have a gram baggie that I kept. It has an apple seed in it, given to me as a joke “gift” one day at school about 4.5 years ago. I hide the baggie still :slight_smile:

Way to be supportive, Beaten. When somebody says they have 19 months you’re supposed to applaud.

More to the pojnt he said “odd habit”.

About the only habits I still have from my drug-using past are the nose-rubbing from my coke days (clean for about two years, TYVM) - but that usually only happens when I am trying not to sneeze - and the occasional “space-out” from my pot-and-LSD days - staring at something (usually a blinking light) for a few seconds while my mind goes blank. Kinda odd, yes - but that is why I don’t do drugs anymore.


Don’t know if it’s a habit, but I still have very shakey hands that I got from (or at least noticed while using) coke and acid. Of course I still take Adderall (Which is basically pharm. speed) which doesn’t help with being shakey.

If a blinking light causes you to “space out” get yourself checked for epilepsy.

Well, I can still turn into a total asshole, even without the % of chemicals in my bloodstream as an excuse.

I’ve still got the “rolling scrap paper” habit, mostly when it comes to potato chip bags. It’s not a joint-rolling motion, it comes from rolling up the baggies of weed.

I still rub and scratch my nose and sniff at random for no reason.

i always find myself fiending for a few mins if i watch something on tv or from movies
my drugs of choice b4 were meth n ecstacy
i cant watch requiem for a dream anymore without feeling like, “aw…i miss doing such n such”
i had to drop all my former (i dont wanna call them friends) people…
stopped raves, stopped partying with people i used to, blah blah blah…i do miss raving alot tho, but when i think about it i guess the reason i miss it is because i was somewhere else(mind wise), and i was only there because of the drugs…but god do i love the music, hearing a live set makes me cry cuz its so good sometimes cough anyways…
habits i have are collecting baggies, i have about 70 or so,
i cant help but giggle to myself when i see razors in stores.
when i feel something cool, im always like, “o man, that would feel so cool on E”
and if i cant sleep one night i go completely bonkers feeling like im wired on ‘jib’ and i cant relax
hehe to comment on peoples rolling joints things, i actually hate weed more then anything on earth and im one the best rollers i know and i dont even smoke the crap :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve noticed that former cigarette smokers will often hold a pen or similar object between two fingers, like a cigarette, when the object is not actually being used.

lol, i do that and im still smoking

Well when I’m watching T.V. or spacing out, I’ll clench my teeth. I never did that before I started doing coke. I’ve stop 10 years ago and I’ll do it, not as often but once in a while I’ll catch myself clenching so hard it will hurt.

really? i never knew that was a sign of epilepsy. not to hijack (sorry), but strobe lights make me feel panicked and move slowly, like i’m in a dream and i’m not actually there, just watching everyone around me. i would add something interesting to try to make this less of a hijack, but i’ve never done drugs. sorry.

<<has anyone else ever kept a habit that you can definitely say developed when you were a user?>>
To this day, I cannot stand it when cops look at me for more than a glance.

Oh yeah get yourself checked out. Do you get it sometimes when looking at TV or in a car thats going through shadows?

Could be a mild form. Could be due to the drugs. I don’t know but a doc. will.

Get thee to a nun… errrr surgery

I just noticed the other day that I do that, too. Although I think mine is more from the LSD I used to do, since I don’t remember much jaw-clenching when I was on coke.

Try getting questioned by them. (it was something non-drug-related, and I wasn’t a suspect, [nor did I know any of the subjects personally] but it still bothered me.)

Thanks for the advice, although I should have known that already, as one of my good friends has epilepsy.
I wonder, though - my blinking light space-out is not really all that similar to the blinking lights that cause my friend to have a seizure; that’s usually the super-fast, Japanese video game type of blinking. Mine is more a steady, every-few-seconds type of thing. Any correlation?


I occasionally find myself licking my lips constantly or chewing on them, something I had never done until I had started coke. I also do the zoning out on walls thing from the acid and shroom days, but this is also do to that the walls and floors and ceilings still move.