Question For Gaspode

In this post, you state the following:

Followed by this

I am not asking you to discuss the actual nature of your beliefs, obviously. But I am curious as to the nature of the ban on discussion with outsiders. (Is discussion of this also taboo?) Why is this? How is an outsider defined? Is is dependent on Tarambal ancestry? I wonder if you could elaborate on this matter, assuming that you are allowed to do so. Thank you.

It might be helpful IzzyR for you to know that Gaspode mispelled the name of the tribe. There are several names for an ancient tribe known as the Tarumbal which resided in Queensland between the mouth of the Fitzroy and the Boomer Range. They spoke an extinct language known as Bayali. It seems to me that no-one is able to discuss the creation myth of the Tarumbal, because they are dead. :smiley:

Firstly allow me state that the degree of ignorance and tactlessness expressed by Greinspace is truly remarkable. Very few languages translate neatly into written or spoken English, and this is particularly so when the language in question uses different characters as in Chinese, or in the case of Aboriginal language lacks a written form. The name Tarambal can and has been variously translated as Darambul, Darumbal:, Tarambal, Tarumbal as Greinspace said and occasionally in other ways. There is no right way of spelling it that gets the pronunciation correct since the sounds aren’t normally produced in English.
The assertion that the clan is now dead is offensive in the extreme. Due to a range of factors, including mass murder and disease numerous people were indeed killed. Added to this policies of ‘encouraged’ integration, theft of land and culture shock have led to a decimation of traditional lifestyles and beliefs. To say ‘no one is able to discuss the creation myth because they are all dead’ and then cap it with a smiley is worse than saying that no one is able to discuss Synagogue traditions in Berlin in the 30’s because they are all dead and capping it with a smiley. It’s an insult to all those who died, usually in horrific and degrading ways, but in this case it is also a reminder that these wrongs have never been righted and can never be healed. Pretty funny stuff Greinspace.
Suffice it to say the clan existed until European invasion and there are still many people who identify as being Taramabal aborigines. There are fewer who actually claim any knowledge of traditional beliefs.

On to Izzy’s question.
A discussion of the problem with discussing beliefs is somewhat hard to approach. In all Aboriginal societies belief is inherently tied to the area that the believers call home and to the society itself. I guess that it could be compared to traditional Jewish society. The belief isn’t just a religion, it’s a history, an identity and a legal system with a bit more thrown in besides. If an outsider understands belief he also understands the functioning of the society, the land and various other things that can’t be mentioned. This knowledge can be used for wrong purposes. These can range from the very practical to the very spiritual. There are other reasons why disseminating belief amongst outsiders is banned, but they really can’t be discussed at all. Added to this certain information can only be discussed by either men or women. Given that there are children and women reading this board these things simply cannot be mentioned here.
As for how an outsider is defined. It’s largely a birth thing, though there are other factors that come into play. Identity and sponsorship play an important role but beyond that it can’t be discussed.

Your reference to the Nazi regime was truly disturbing.

My humour was purely directed to your statement that the Tarumbul creation story couldn’t be discussed with outsiders. Your spelling of this group can not be found on the internet, which led me to believe erroneously you were an outsider yourself, not knowing how to spell it, hence a clear contradiction of your claim, suggesting you were pulling our legs. I could not find any current reference to these people, and as their language was classed as extinct I assumed this group no longer existed.

Gaspode I am truly sorry for any offence you have taken by my remarks in this regard, and assure you I take no pleasure in anyone’s demise whether any person or group.