Question for Indiana dopers: daylight savings time

I’d like to know which counties in the state–at the northwest and southwest corners–are in the Central Time Zone and thus use daylight savings time, while the rest of the state does not, per the Uniform Time Act. (I was born in Indiana.)

Well, I’m frmo INdiana, but I have no idea, I always assumed that the entire state didn’t use daylight savings time… but i’m from Delaware county, and we don’t use daylight savings… but that’s all I know

I’m the same as Kanooka, I’m not sure which counties follow suit. I’m from southern Indiana in Monroe county, and I know that the surrounding counties of Lawrence, Brown, and Morgan don’t use D.S.T…

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In the NW, we have La Porte, Porter, Lake, Jasper and Newton Counties on CST. In the SW, it’s Gibson, Posey, Vanderburgh, Warrick, and Spencer Counties.

I don’t know who does or does not use Daylight Savings - it seems to be a highly individual thing here in the Hoosier State. We in the NW do - South Bend (which is on EST) doesn’t, so in the summer we’re on the same clock. As I recall, Indy and Bloomington are on EST, but Indy uses EDT and Bloomington doesn’t.

I’m from Indy in Marion County and we never used Daylight Savings Time there. If I’m not mistaken, it’s just a few counties in the northern part. To my best knowledge the southern ones wouldn’t really have a use for it. I can’t be certain, though. I’ll look it up and get back to you.

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In Jackson, Jennings, Bartholomew, and Decatur Counties, they don’t change to Daylight savings time.

Checking in that in the north Elkhart and the surrounding counties continue to disregard DLS, as does (as Kanooka said) Delaware county.


In looking at a McNally road atlas, it appears that the following counties observe Central Time (CDT in the summer): Newton, Jasper, Lake, Porter, Starke, LaPorte (In the northwest corner), Posey, Vanderburgh, Gibson, and Warrick (in the southwest corner). The remaining counties observe EST year 'round. I was unaware that time zones boundaries followed county boundaries, but they appear to do so (at least in Indiana).

Bizerta, your answer is a bit incomplete. Harrison, Floyd and Clark counties use DST because they are part of the Louisville metropolitan area. I think a couple of counties near Cincinnati also use DST.

Without a doubt, the Hoosier State has the most fucked-up time zones in the nation.

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Nah - not fucked up - weirdly cool.

I brought this up because I knew that the 1967 Uniform Time Act imposed Daylight Savings Time on the entire country, but provided that any state could by law exempt itself (Arizona, Hawaii, and the U.S. territories and possessions have all done so). However, an amendment passed about 1973 authorized states to modify this if a time-zone boundary divides the state, so that in any state, Daylight Savings Time would be used in one zone but not in the other. The greater part of Indiana apparently does not use DST, being in the Eastern Zone; the counties mentioned above (southwest and northwest), being in the Central Zone, do use it.

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The counties mentioned in the NW corner and the SW corner are correct. There are also some counties near Louisville, KY and Cincinnatti, OH who do change times.

As for why, I have no idea, other than to have these counties on the same time as the nearest metropolitan center in which the counties are in proximity to.

But, what does that say about Posey, Vandeburgh, Gibson, and Warrik counties that are all ‘around’ the Evansville, IN area. If the metro area is in the same state, then why the heck do they change times as well? If you’re near Chicago, L’ville, or Cincy, I can understand, for they are in another state. Evansville, however, isn’t.

The only thing I can think of, is that since we’re so close to Kentucky here in Evansville, the ‘makers of the law’ must’ve been KY natives who tried to pass themselves off as Hoosiers. It’s their fault.

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