Question for Irish Dopers: Waking Ned Devine

Oh, what the hell, better safe than sorry.In the movie Waking Ned Devine, virtually the entire population of an Irish village conspires to collect and share a large Lottery jackpot, by attesting to an investigator that one of their number is the man who bought the winning ticket (the actual lucky one having died of shock when he watched the numbers being drawn on television.Now, here in California, USA, a winning lottery ticket is payable to whoever happens to present it to the prize center. Are things truly otherwise in Ireland?

Hell, for that matter, do they even have a lottery in Ireland?
What would really happen, in the courts etc., would have to be discovered in real life.

There’s a lottery all right - I remember being at a wedding in some small town not far from Galway in the mid 90s and the joke was we should all have been buying our tickets there becasue the winners always come from small towns no one has ever heard of :wink:

I think that the 2 guys who found the dead body with the ticket realised that they could never claim the prize themselves as everyone in the village would know that it wasn’t them who bought the ticket (guessing of course that they hadn’t bought one that weekend).

Then again it is the entire plot of the movie so maybe the ‘truth’ had to be muddled a little.

Didn’t Ned sign the ticket on the back? I think you can do the same thing here in the states.

Well, they could collect, but then they’d have to ride a motocycle nekkid.

Ned signed his ticket.