Question for Matrix fans

I was reading recently that Keanu Reeves will receive hundreds of millions of dollars for the Matrix series due to his profit share. Personally I think he is a dreadful actor but I’ve liked him in several things - Speed, Bill and Ted…, Point Break, Parenthood, River’s Edge and Hardball from memory. However I didn’t go to see The Matrix because he was in it. For mine they could have sunstituted a nobody - I hadn’t heard of Carrie-Anne Moss for instance.

Is there any evidence that Keanu Reeves in any way made the Matrix series?

Would you have skipped it if no Keanu?

I don’t think Keanu has anything to do with the series’ success. His character is non-existant, and his sole job in the movies is to say lines with a small bit of incredulity and do phat kung-fu.

The part could’ve been played by nearly anyone.

Anyone, Johnny Bravo?

Danny DeVito? I think not.

Anyone, Johnny Bravo?

Danny DeVito? I think not.

Well, I’m trying to find a way to say something about Danny DeVito being in the movie “Twins” to make my simulpost more funny. Alas, my brain is fried.

While he may not be the best actor, I thought he was ideal for The Matrix. In fact, prior to seeing Matrix, I was unaware of the Keanu stereotype, thus was able to enjoy it without noticing the intricacies others might.

Keanu Reeves is a perfect example of the difference between “acting” and “performing”. Keanu is a terrible, TERRIBLE actor. Let’s not fool ourselves here: He’s a stinker. However, he is a damn good performer… while he may be awkward and stiff, he does so in an odd way (an exaggerated way, actually, like stage acting on film… it’s what makes Keanu impressions so easy). Somehow, he maintains a presence on camera. In some movies, that presence happened to be a lousy one (like in Dracula, for instance). But in the Matrix, the style happened to coincide with the Keanu vibe, making his presence a positive one.

Could anyone have done that part? Well, with the shitload of training, yeah… Keanu put himself through hell for the series, as did all the principle actors, so let’s give proper credit here. So yes, anyone could have done that part. I just think few people would have done it with that proper coinciding bit of persona… kinda like how Johnny Depp perfectly fit the part of Jack Sparrow.

So yes, technically, “anyone” could have done that part… however, I think that Keanu did it better than most would’ve.

I just had a flash of what the Matrix would have been if Johnny Depp was Neo. Scary. Very scary.

IMDB says Will Smith was offered the role as Neo and I think that can’t be anything but BS, however it makes for an interesting idea of what the series would have been like with an actor so radically different than Keanu.

I don’t think Keanu made the movie but I think he adapted and performed the role of Neo very well.

Others could have done the role, but when I saw the first movie my thoughts never came to “You know who would have made a great Neo?” It never crossed my mind. Keanu was accepted by my mind while watching the film.

So there are my $0.03