Question for pet owners

I’m going to spend the night at a friend’s house, as I often do on Fridays. I like their dog, and she’s mostly been cool to me. However, other people who stay over sometimes bring their pets, and that poses a slight problem.

  1. The house dog is, as I said, usually well-behaved. But whenever I show up wearing something vulnerable, she tries to climb my legs! Once when I was wearing silk slacks, and once when I was wearing a gauze skirt. She never does this any other time. Can pets tell when you’re wearing something that their claws could tear, and if so, why do they try to do so?
  2. The other pets walk on me while I sleep. Why?

Remember, I’m pulling for you; we’re all in this together.
—Red Green

Dogs are very sensitive creatures. You are undoubtedly feeling more uptight when you are wearing valuable clothing, she picks up on it tries to make friends and show you that you don’t have to be so tense.

I assume that the animals walking on you are cats? The answer: because they can.

He who laughs last thinks slowest.

As far as animals walking on you, do you sleep in a bed or on the floor?

I think the dogs jumping on your nice clothes is a genetic dog thing. It’s the same gene that makes them use the very best, most expensive rug when they have uncontrollable diarrhea.

Jumpers? Handle them by putting your knee out against their chest. If you are quick and can do it before they land from their jump, youre lucky. Also, its quite acceptable to do this.

If you don’t want pets on you, close the door. Most pets don’t know how to open it.

To Stoidela: The problem is not the cats, but those silly humans who think * they * are in charge. Really!!!

I sleep on the couch, and I had a cat and a small dog walking on me. I think they just prefer a warm person to a cold floor.

Remember, I’m pulling for you; we’re all in this together.
—Red Green