Sleeping with pets, what's your opinion?

For the last 22 years, the basic rule has been no pets in our bed. Well, last night my wife decided that the cat should sleep on her side of the bed. I chose the couch, just to make a point. The cat has been trained NOT to get on the bed. This definately sends the wrong message to the cat. I don’t see a good reason to sleep with pets, it’s not like there’s going to be a “3 dog night” in a house in Florida! I have enough trouble sleeping all night without the paw-pushing-purring-grooming stuff that a pet in bed will do. She wasn’t happy that I didn’t bring her the usual coffee in bed this morning, but I figure if she wants to sleep with the cat, HEY, train the cat to get your coffee! What kind of rules do you have about sleeping with pets?

later, Tom

In our house, our cat makes the rules. When he wants to sleep on our bed, he does, and since we’re asleep when he does it, we can’t do very much to train him. We actually like it, since he’s generally quiet.

We sleep with our Shar-pei in the bed- Hell, if it were up to me he’d eat off the kitchen table, too. (But that’s a different thread)

I think it’s fine. You have trouble sleeping with pets on the bed, so they should not be there. I doubt the joy your wife gets from having a cat on the bed outweighs your discomfort, so that’s that.


It all depends on how hairy the animal is, and how much of that hair stays on the bed.

Let’s see.

We have a parrot who wants to kill me. A tank of tropical fish and a tank of African cichlids. And two guinea pigs.

The parrot will not rest if he thinks he can bite my face. The fish would just smell. And the cavies would probably be crushed if anyone rolled over on them (besides, their sanitary habits leave much to be desired).

So I would say that sleeping with pets is right out.

I quite enjoy it myself. I actually feel a little hurt on the nights that none of my babies snuggle up with me. (Sad, I know.)

I do understand how some people wouldn’t like it, though.

Our cats sleep with us. We think it’s kinda cute. My wife misses our cat, Maggie, who died several months ago. Maggie insisted on sleeping ON my wife.

To tell the truth, I don’t know how to keep them out, short of closing the door, locking the cats up, or using cattle prods. These all seem a little extreme.

I have three cats, any of whom are welcome to join me on the bed whenever they want, and they often do. I don’t see the problem. They don’t pee on the bed as a dog might, they don’t lie against my face and obstruct breathing, they aren’t noisy, they make me feel loved, and they get out of the way if I shift position or engage in relations with the company.

Why is this a problem for you, hflathead? Obviously there’s no right or wrong answer here, it’s just personal preference.

my cats sleep with me, but since it’s just me, it’s not an issue. when I do have company, they seem to stay out of the bedroom until just after we’ve actually bedded down for the evening, then they come in and, quietly, make themselves cozy.

I tried closing the door, but the scratching got irritating as hell, plus, I listen to music when I go to sleep, so I leave the door open for that.

Sure, they occasionaly wake me up at 2:30 in the morning, and when they were kittens (one’s 2.5, the other 1.5), they used to wake me up at 6:58, when I had to get up at 7:00, but it’s a small price to pay. They do make great areas of warmth on the bed.

My cat sleeps on the bed, but not for the whole night. She’ll curl up on my pillow right next to my head, or at the end of the bed by my feet. However, when I wake up in the morning, she is never on the bed. As soon as the alarm goes off, she jumps up again for morning petting.

If, in her opinion, I am too late in getting up, she will gently swat the tip of my nose with her paw. No claws, but very persistent nonetheless. Believe me, you cannot sleep with a furry paw tweaking your nose. It’s like having a feather in your ear. Hard to ignore. Then, when I open my eyes, she stares me right in the face from about 1 inch away as cries her little “meow.”

OK! OK! I’m getting up. Sheesh.

I don’t really mind any of this. My girlfriend, however, is another story. On the occassions when she is staying over, I’ll put the cat down off the bed. My cat has a pretty good purr-motor, but my girlfriend thinks it is “growling” at her. Actual conversation:

Happy cat: purrrrrrrrr
Girlfriend: She’s growling at me!
Me: No she’s not, honey, she’s just purring because she’s happy. That’s what cats do.
Girlfriend: What if she attackteds me? (although my girlfriend is fluent in English, her pronunciations are off at times)
Me: Does it look like she is going to attack?
Cat: purrrrrrrrr
Girlfriend: (somewhat fearfully): I don’t like it. Makes me scared to go to sleep. Does she have to make that noise?
Me: Ok, I’ll put her down.

unless you keep your bedroom door closed 24/7, I assure you that at best you ** might ** be able to enforce the rule :
You (cat) may not be on the bed (when I’m awake and can see you).

Cats will go curl up in warm cozy places, it’s the nature of being a cat.

of the three cats we have one usually sleeps on the bed, we tried to kick her out when we first got her because she would grab of the feet in the middle of the night and scare the hell out of us but she quite that. The second one depends, she doesn’t sleep there all night long though. the third doesn’t sleep, just bugs us when we goto sleep.

The dog is not alowed on the bed when we go to bed together, but usually sleeps with me.

The scorpion is not allowed on the bed for obvious reasons, the tratula would get squished, and the frog would too so they don’t sleep on the bed.

I think people can really go overboard with their affection for pets. My BF’s mother and father have two Siamese. It’s positively sickening. They are sitting there eating their dinner and the cats are walking all over the table around the food. Sticking their noses in it, brushing it with their tails. They sit down on the table and when they get up I see their puckered little assholes walk away. My BF’s mother is an RN for goodness sake! She’s also in her late 70’s. Doesn’t she have any idea how potentially dangerous to her health it is to allow an animal to put his asshole anywhere near her food?!!! They invite me to eat all the time and I always decline. I’m sorry but I cannot eat behind somewhere a cat has walked or sat. It gives me the willies.

I’ve let the dog sleep in the bed with the kids once in awhile. I don’t like animals in the house much at all. The hair and dander is everywhere, not to mention the terrible time you’ll have if you get infested with fleas! I’m not much for having pets in the house.

I think pets can have a wonderful effect on our lives, but I also think some people carry this way to far.


Zette - Glad I re-read your response, must have had a dyslexic reading, thanks.

DrF - Good laugh on that one. Watch that nose! We babysit a grey amazon named Hagar, damn near took my nose off!

Just had a phone call from my wife, and the coffee in bed wins! Damn cat put the wrong creamer in and spilled some in the bed. Actually I really like the cat ( we have 2 but this is the new kid) he’s quite intelligent and usually knows where he allowed. Napping with the wife when I’m not there is OK, but if I’m in the bed it isn’t. I think cats realize an Alpha male, or pecking order condition as do dogs.

later, Tom

I kinda wavered with the BT I owned. Early on she had her own bed and dealt with that quite nicely. Then when I moved into an apartment by myself I threw the bed out (it was wicker and unraveling) and she crashed on the convertible couch with me for the time I lived there. It could get irritating sometimes, if she needed her chew bone before she went to sleep but other times she’d just crash out.

She wasn’t allowed in the kitchen while I was eating, however. Begging was right out. Then she went to live with Mamma O and got spoiled rotten. Such is life!

My dog is sleeping in my bed.
I think it’s cosy to have him there.
They are flock animal,
dogs I mean,
so it’s naturally for them to want that.

I’d rather sleep with the cats. I usually have at least two on my bed, last night I had three. When word spreads that the electric blanket is on, I’ll probably get all 13 of them. They have Advantage, so there’s no fleas. And they purr and they’re warm. Men just snore and steal covers.

A girl

Both of mine sleep with me, the kitten (3 months) sleeps curled around my neck and rests her head on my cheek, while the older one (7 years) sleeps on/around/between my legs. This morning I woke up and they were sleeping together (TOO CUTE!) I read that the body temperature of cats decreases significantly during sleep, that’s why they like to sleep next to each other or a human for extra warmth.

Maybe you should try it before you knock it…?

I’ve been sleeping with a cat since I was born. Literally - my parents had a cat that used to routinely sleep in the crib with me. However, when my SO moved in with me, he’d never been around cats before, and he said “Absolutely not” when it came to letting the cats in the bed. In fact, he didn’t even want them in the bedroom, so we started closing the bedroom door. Hey, I like cats, but I like my SO more, so it was no big deal to do what he wanted.

That was almost a year ago. In that year, he’s become positively silly about the cats. He routinely gives them milk in the morning (something I never did) and is constantly petting them and holding them and telling me cute little kitty stories. He reads “Sylvia” now and loves it. I’ve taken to leaving the bedroom door open now when I get up to go make coffee and he lays in bed. The cats come in and curl up next to him, and he never complains. I think we’re winning. I’d bet in another six months they’ll be sleeping with us.

My husband has never forced me to choose between him and the cats. If he ever did I think he would be very welcome to sleep on the couch.

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