question for rasa and oldscratch, satan and drainbead, montfort and anniz...

and anyone else who has met on the boards. (atleast i thought all of you guys had met on these boards. you are all friends and you post, in any case.)

anyway: what do you call eachother in real life? by poster names or real names?
and what do people do at dopefests? is it “hey euty” this and “yo iampuhna, get me a beer,” or whatever, or does everyone go by steve and tom and elsie and whatever?
this might seem like a stupid question (hey, maybe it is) but in your posts, you always use poster names. everyone always uses poster names, it seems, so i was just curious…
and i’m sorry if i have incorrectly inferred something, or anything, but it seemed like all you guys are together in some sort of sense.
sneeze, but only on these boards

I don’t know about anyone else, but most people seem to call me Pat at the dopefests.(Well, also under their breath I can hear them call me Jerk, Twathead, and Pincushioner. But, that just might be the voices in my head. Which actually, have no bearing on this. So, I would ask you to mind your own damn business. I am not on trial here!!!) pricciar is a pain in the butt to pronounce. I don’t even know how to say it. So it is easier just to tell people to call me Pat.

When I talk to other people, I refer to them as both their screen name and their reall name. Once, I learn their name I tend to call them that, but after a while I might have a brain fart and forget someone’s name. At that point, I just go back to the screen name, which is usually easier to remember.


Wow, my name in a thread subject for the second time today.

Anyway, at Dopefests I introduce myself as Montfort. But, most people recognise me from the people pages, as well as my other exploits, so they knew that.

Once I get to know someone, first names will come out.

As for Anniz and I, we’ve always called each other by our first names. Now, we have pet nicknames. :slight_smile:

Hmm . . . I let people call me whatever they want, really. weirddave calls me punha (he pronounces it “poona”) or Pat. Falcon calls me hon or pat or patrick or punny or such. ssskuggiii calls me . . . well, hehehe. She calls me paddy, mostly. andygirl calls me punha and even pronounces it (mostly) right! sqrl calls me poonha.

Really, folks, it’s not that hard to say. And the U is not hard. Just as the proper way to pronounce ssskuggiii is not “skoojee”, the proper way (because it was my way and I made the “word”) to pronounce iampunha is thus:

I-am-p’n-ha. Call me Patrick IRL if it’s easier. Or punny or punha or pun or iam or whatever. People make up all sorts of crazy nicknames for me:)

xploder and I have become most excellent friends IRL since meeting here on the boards. We rarely refer to each other by our real names, though. Usually we use some sort of highly offensive slang. :smiley:

Fierra and I met here, of course. I call her by her real name, because it is a very pretty name and I love it; she calls me “Una” because I don’t care for my real name.

The dopefest parties can use either usernames or both user and real names. Using just real names is too confusing.
But this is no different than class reunions, where maiden names also appear on the name tags.

My good friends call me Cheri, which is my real name.

At PNW Dopefests, people call me Scotti or Cheri, both are acceptable and comfortable for me.

Actually, I don’t care what people call me. It is the feeling BEHIND what they call me that matters to me.

Scotti (Cheri)

The Dopefest I went to we mostly used screennames, because that’s how we knew each other. After a little conversation, some people switched to real names. Of course, that also depends on how bad your screen name is…( I answer to almost anything…)

The 2 people I know FROM the board whom I talk to off the board we use our real names.

 Minor peeve: people on the boards who start a thread using screennames and switch to real names. Sometimes other participants in the thread are left saying "Bob? Who's Bob?".

Hard to believe it, but Drain Bead and myself do call each other our real names (Libby and Brian, respectively), though we also have a habit of calling each other nauseating nicknames such as “honey,” “angel,” "darling, “lover” and other things guaranteed to make people scoff at us.

At Dopefests, I’ll answer to either, though I can tell that people have a perverse thrill in telling wait staffs that they’re waiting on Satan to show up and what-not…

FTR, I scoff at Libby and Brian often. :wink:

Hrm. Depends on who it is, really…I call DB, Satan, and punha by their real names. Almost everyone else I use their screennames.

And most people at Dopefests use my screenname. I’ll also usually answer to “Hey you.” :smiley:

I’ve been to several dopefests now and generally people call me Bob. I usually fail to respond because my name is Mike.

I prefer calling people by their real names. The one exception is Coldie. For the life of me I cannot call him anything but that!

I’ve just returned from our Samedi Gras dopefest, and can report that not only did we call each other by a mixture of screennames and real names, at least one of the non-SDMB attendees was addressed by and responded to a screenname (an old handle of his, pressed into service for the occasion).

It mostly seems to depend on the difficulty in remembering/pronouncing the names. The opinion of the person being addressed matters, too–psiekier is less than pleased with the pronunciation “pee-seeker”, so we all call him by his IRL name. I, on the other hand, am almost always addressed as “Balance” rather than “John”–which is fine with me.

It all boils down to “whatever makes people comfortable”.

psycat and I feel so left out of the OP… :wink:

That’s what happens when you slack off, I guess.

Anyway, we call each other our real names, except on the board, of course. As far as Dopefests, it’s usually a mix. Many of the people here end up getting called their real names even on the board, like Pat up there. I never refer to him as pricciar. Anyways, I felt bad about calling him “prick” IRL (I have no qualms about calling him that behind his back.) Anyone with exceedingly long, or hard to pronounce names usually ends up being called their real name, though. :wink:

Pat, FTR, I usually call you “PAT” ( strange, huh?) or, when nicks are apropriate, “pun”. And if I wanna pronounce it “poona”, well, it’s your fault for chosing such a weird nick. Nicks should not have to come with an english/nick nick/english dictionary.

Falc, You never call me “Weirddave”. You usually call me “hon”, which makes me feel all warm and giggly inside as I realize that…you call everyone “hon”. Hmmmph! :wink:

Earlier a poster lamented the mix of board names and real names within a single post. I understand this may be confusing, and I normally don’t do it, except in the “Get well, keep me in your thoughts” type threads in which to add (at least in my mind) a more personal/human touch, I will sign my own real name. On the two or three occasions where I have interacted via e-mail with other posters, I’ll tag it with my real name and parenthetically with Sir Rhosis. If the e-mails continue after that I use my real name every time. Just me though, my HO.


I have a suggestion that could clear up all this damn confusion! :smiley:

For Montreal Dope, Dewt and Dylan had some problems getting out to the pub, so I called them a few times to see how things were going. The last time, it went:

-Hi. Dewt?
-…uh, what?
-:eek: Um, um, ah…
-…Do you mean John?
-Yeah, John!
-I’m the babysitter. He’s left to go to some kind of …meeting.
-okthanksbye :click:

And of course, Andygirl and LaurAnge are laughing their asses off at my expense… :o

Everyone on the board and real life (with the exceptions of my mom and my son) call me Chief. My siblings an boyhood friends even call me Chief now.

Some call me Chiefy. They also have a penchant for using smilies…