Question for Republicans: If Trump wins the Nomination...

…who(if anyone) will you vote for?

If Trump wins the nom I will leave the country and go to Europe.

For 2 weeks. Then I’ll come back. I’ll do this regardless of who wins. Probably in April or May.

Back in 2008 I could not bring myself to vote for McCain. I had crossed party lines and voted for Hillary in the primary, but only because I felt she would be easier to beat and if elected would do less damage to the country than Obama.

But in the general I could not vote for a candidate who talked out of both sides of his mouth the past quarter century. I did not vote for Obama either.

I’ll have to do some soul searching if Trump wins. But it ain’t going to happen. It’s fun to be at the circus, but when you walk out of the tent you turn back into a grown up. Just like what happened to Howie Dean I think when the actual votes are cast people will turn back into adults and vote for someone other than Trump.

I thought you opposed crossing party lines in primaries.

If you keep reading you’ll see where I admit to doing it and in one thread I posted that it violated my personal ethics but I still did it.

The overall context is, I oppose the current primary system. It’s absurd that a party candidate can be determined by people who have no intention of voting for them.

The Times yesterday had an article about how the Republicans in Washington are getting seriously worried about this happening. They figure that if Trump gets the nomination they will get creamed and lose the Senate. Cruz is rising but that doesn’t make them feel any better since they hate his guts also.

I’d write in whoever the #2 candidate was (at this point, most likely either Cruz or Rubio). I don’t agree with the idea that protest votes are “wasted.” They send the message that you don’t consider either choice to be acceptable.

I just remember 2004 and all the “Can Howard Dean be stopped” articles. Then when the actual voting began he didn’t get squat, winning only 1 state, his own.

Trump may win a state or 2, but I think when people have to actual cast the vote the majority won’t be for him.

Few on these boards will admit it, but Hillary Clinton is a seriously weak candidate and very beatable. Just not by Trump.

Yea…but this thread isn’t about that topic. This is a hypothetical about how Republicans will vote if Trump gets nominated.

Just another reminder: We can’t judge how Trump is likely to do by comparing to similar situations in the past, because there have been no similar situations in the past. There have been joke candidates before, but none of them has demonstrated anywhere near the staying power that Trump has. Given that, we have to regard a Trump nomination as, not a certainty, but at least as a possibility, and it’s foolish not to make plans against that possibility.

Donald Trump is not going to be any worse than Barack Obama or GWB.

  1. Are you a Republican?
  2. How will you vote if he is nominated?

They may say they won’t vote for Trump, but if nominated I think they would crawl over hot coals to vote against Hillary. I can’t imagine many Republicans would vote for her no matter who their nominee was.

Very rare that a Pit thread is recommended here, but here is one where many Republicans and conservatives of the SDMB reported that Trump was not going to get their support.

It really gives me hope for the future.

As a counter to that, the hawkishness of Hillary and how the other Clinton negotiated with the Republicans in the past will IMHO convince several moderate Republicans that can not stomach Trump to vote for her.

Just as there were once a good number of Democrats for Reagan I expect now to see more than a few Republicans for Clinton.

Probably write in Rubio or Romney. I don’t think Trump will get the nomination.


I’m a Republican, and if Trump is the nominee (God forbid) I’ll vote for him. Anybody but Hillary.

Pretty much the same thing I did last election. The Republicans pissed me off enough to vote for Obama. Trump’s involvement with the Republicans was a factor in being that pissed off. (The whole birther nonsense mostly.)

Trump running as a candidate?! That’s already tarnished the entire Republican party no matter how quickly he loses. If he was actually nominated, I’d probably leave the party and never look back. It might be enough to make me stop voting for Republicans even at the state level.

You seem a reasonable enough fellow, despite being wrong. Permit me to discourage.

We of the patriotic left need a Republican Party. Not because they are so frequently right, they seldom are, but because people. Some people just are conservative, they must have a place and a voice, otherwise our great experiment in justice and liberty is a sham. The Republican Party is the most appropriate place for those voices.

If the sane conservatives stick with the Party and are able to mold that party into their image, it simply has to be a positive development for our country. Sometimes a bit of crazy is good, it can be inspirational, but its not for planning budgets and stuff. Sane and reasonable criticism is seldom welcomed but always necessary.

Stay with your Party, change your Party, you are needed there. But here’s the pill, the nasty medicine that must be swallowed: you will lose. Ditch the knuckle-walking Troglodyte “Republicans”, and you will get clobbered. One election, two? Dunno. But the position of Loyal Opposition is valid and honorable and is scorned only by those who have no greater loyalty than winning.

Well, she’s by far the most capable candidate running this cycle.

It’s an interesting article. I never thought I’d hope for a Trump nomination, but it sounds great: