Question for tool guys.

I consider myself a tool guy. I consider my tools as an investment and I have invested quite a bit of money over the years. I have 3 rollaways and chests and could use another. Or one of those great big Craftsman or Snap On boxes.

I stopped by an estate sale today and picked up a small metal hip roof tool box full of tools for $10. While sorting through the tools to determine if they are keepers, ones that can be exchanged for new and the rest that will tossed into large box of spare tools, I came across a 3/4 inch Craftsman wrench. It looked norman other than the body part was narrower than usual. I compared it to another and it was by about 1/16 of an inch. I flipped the wrench over and it says “3/4 molybdenum 44701 BF JAPAN” (quotations mine).

Has anyone ever seen any Craftsman tools made anywhere but the good ol’ US of A? I know I haven’t. There is nothing on the internet. The part number matches the current made in USA model. Is there a fellow doper in Japan that might know something? I will post a link to a picture as soon as I get a decent shot of the wrench.

See a picture here.

I have heard of them. A friend of mine at the factory claims to have some Japanese Craftsman® wrenches. All my Craftsman® tools are US made.

The finest pair of extemely needle nosed pliers I own are marked:

“Craftsman 4517 BF Japan”

I’ve yet to find a compact pair of similar quality.