Question for triathletes/marathoners

I am hoping (and praying) to be able to do a triathlon this summer (probably late summer). I was wondering, with the exception of the swimming, can I bring my daughter?

We have a bike seat for her, and a jogging stroller, so is this allowed?

Do you have a specific race picked out? I’ve entered several road races (from 5K to marathon distance) and a lot of them strictly prohibit baby joggers. I’m guessing you’re SOL on this one. But usually the race website will let you know what kind of things are prohibited (some even prohibit wearing headphones!).

Think about it from their perspective - it’s already a huge liability having YOU out there exerting yourself. Imagine if she fell out of the stroller, got hit by another racer, etc. In this day and age I’d be surprised if you found a race where this was allowed.

There will be race rules - and they’re specific for each race, so you can usually check those.

But my guess is “no.” And even if it were allowed (and I’ve never seen it allowed in a tri - occasionally, friends and family are allowed to run the home stretch (tenth of a mile or so) with the actual racers, but that’s about it) it would be a bad idea. It definitely isn’t safe for your kid, or for the people who have to deal with the added problem of a bike with a small child doing small child things on the back of a bicycle. A baby jogger would also be very problematic for the other racers. (And just logistically, neither is going to fit into your space in the transition area.)

There are kid friendly bike rides and even kid friendly running races. Also, in this area at least, more and more tris are being followed by kid-tris where they swim (well, more “wade” in the ones I’ve seen), bike, and run very short distances. The kids I’ve seen seem to enjoy that. Maybe, if she’s old enough, your daughter could “train” with you that way?


I would love to see her compete in something like that.

So cute :slight_smile:

Serious events rule out kids’n’pets. The place for kids’n’pets is at the finish line, with the SO not doing the event. Some larger events do have separate “cute events” for the civilians.

It would be mildly amusing to have an event of that magnitude specifically designed for kids’n’pets. I can just see the Changing Stations on the course. I would, however, keep the Changing Stations well away from the Water/Carb Stations.

Ye gods! Have you ever been in a real bike race? I’m guessing not, or you wouldn’t be asking this question. Have you ever participated in a big organized bike ride? Do you know how to ride in very close quarters with other riders? You might want to do some of that before you enter the triathlon. Riding in a group is totally different than riding alone or with a couple of people.

You might want to seek out some “fun runs” or community bike rides or races.

If your first triathlon is a “mini” length and/or marketed toward first timers, then you’re proably in the clear to participate. (Without the kid, of course.) If not, then I’d highly recommend getting some experience with cycling with a group. Is there a local club you can ride with who can show you the ropes?

If you don’t expect to be competitive, and are willing to lay back a little so as not to interfere with the serious racers, then you’ll probably be okay in any case. Just don’t interfere with the serious racers.

I’d say no. I know that most marathons do not allow baby joggers at all. It causes too many problems with people trying to pass you and things like that. Most tri’s also use the USA Triathlon rules, though I coudn’t find anything from a quick skim it does say that bikes can’t be longer then two meters.

You can’t ride in packs in triathalons.

Still, Ye Gods Part II!

I can’t believe anyone asking this question would be able to finish a marathon in under 4.5 hours or so. . .is that a reasonable amount time to have a kid in a stroller?

Really? I did not know that. Why not?

(Never done a triathlon. I’ve biked over a century and swum over two miles, though.* Does that make me 2/3 of an Ironman?)

*not on the same day! :smiley:

Except for draft legal triathlons, it’s supposed to be “fairer,” that is the last person out of the swim isn’t at a huge disadvantage on the bike too. Yes, boring as hell, but that’s triathlon for you.

And probably a good thing. Triathletes seem to have this rather uncanny and incredible tendency to be completely fucking unable to hold their line. :slight_smile:

Just want to chime it to say that I have seen someone (I didn’t know them) take their child in a bike trailer and jogging stroller in a triathlon. It was at the Los Alamos tri several years ago. Don’t know what they did during the swim (the swim is the middle leg, rather unusual for a tri) as I was too busy trying not to come in last.

There are also some short runs (5Ks mostly) that encourage dogs (we hosted one a few years ago). There was also a story in Runner’s World about a dog that finished a marathon recently, so it is allowed in some venues. You should contact the race organizers directly to be sure.

And no, I did not preview :smack:

Occasionally, occasionally you can - but for the most part, it’s supposed to be an individual effort, not a team or group one. Drafting rules generally don’t let you get near another rider (when you pass, you have to do it quickly, and if you get passed, you have to get out of the way).

Still, a bike seat isn’t a good idea in most of the tris I’ve done.

I did do a double century (two day double, I was one of the slower people who can’t go quite that long in a day) that had a lot of children and some bike seats. But there were also rests, better places to pull over, and it was a ride, not a race, so there was an entirely different mentality.

I have a friend who does the furry 5k every year. I’ve never been able to make it, but he says it’s fun. (Of course, it’s in the rules, and there are no bicycles or water involved, and everyone who goes knows “there are dogs on the course.”)