Question for wearers of short skirts

Wearing a dress to work today and remembered one of the reasons I rarely wear dresses. They are always about 4 inches shorter when I’m sitting than when I’m standing up. This one’s not particularly short, but sitting here at my desk I keep hiking it down before it turns into a belt.

It also reminds me of something I’ve always wondered: ladies who successfully wear short skirts (or miniskirts, back in the day), how in the world do you do that without flashing people? Or do you just resign yourself to being a walking peepshow at random times and not worry about it?

(Way in the long ago times I worked with a young lady who successfully wore miniskirts every day at work. She was magic or something in her ability to not flash people. She would never tell her secret, though.)

I don’t get too risky with the short skirts anymore, but I have one dress that’s a little iffy. I always wear tights with that one.

Tights and underwear. It’s not a big secret, at least I don’t think so. Maybe because I wore miniskirts during college and outings as a young woman, and “short” (i.e., an inch above the knee) skirts even back when I had to wear suits to work.

Maybe it’s not a big secret, but nobody ever told me. I do remember my mom telling me as a young girl to keep my legs together when wearing skirts. So I was appalled when, in my 20’s, I saw a photograph someone took of me sitting down - legs tightly together, white panties waving happily at the camera. I didn’t know that was even possible and yet there it was! (If anyone’s curious, that happens when the skirt material stretches taut across the top of your thighs, it still leaves a gap you can see through.)

So anyway, yeah, nobody ever clued me into dark tights as the solution although I eventually figured out on my own to wear black panties.

Underwear is a must!

At work, its pretty easy with a desk job to keep your legs under a desk or conference table all day.

And don’t wear your skirts so short that the risk of peep show goes from “only if I’m not careful” to “pretty much guaranteed.” At least, not if you aren’t interested in giving a peep show.

I too am beyond short skirt age, but I wore my share of them 20 years ago.

I don’t wear tight skirts - bodycon, they call them nowadays - as they are much more likely to ride up. I only wear looser, flared skirts/dresses, which have enough extra fabric to cover the appropriate bits without much worry.

(They’re also more forgiving for those of us who carry their extra weight in their belly/hips/thighs, like I do.)

I like to wear a bandage skirts at working.

It just occurred to me – when I wear a skirt, I normally sit with my knees and ankles together, and feet/legs to the side. Like this.

Posting as a (Word)man, with what I hope is an observation that is fun, not objectifying: there is something just…wonderful…about a woman who knows how to manage her way around a short dress/skirt. There is a…choreography(?) as a woman flows her body into a chair and crosses her legs with absolute confidence that she is revealing nothing while rocking the look.


When I read the OP, I assumed it was a question related to “how do you figure out that choreography?”

Hi Wordman, yes, well put! I was kind of asking that.

I think most times it’s not hard. Getting into and out of cars is perhaps the trickiest.

In: Bend and stick your butt on the edge of the seat, swing legs around together into the footwell

Out: swing both legs out together, stand up

If the car is a tall truck or a really low sports car that’s trickier.

I have NO idea how you rock the grace with stairs or any situation where you pretty much have to separate your legs. With that mini-skirted coworker I mentioned before, the guys used to tease her about giving her tasks that required getting up on ladders. (She was a PC support tech). She would roll her eyes, smirk and fake-laugh at their joke.

Should add:

Yesterday when I had the dress on, and it kept hiking up, I noticed it because the sides of my thighs were showing more and more. (Thus the belt comment.) So this actually does go beyond just showing crotch. You can show an unprofessional (depending on your profession, I guess!) amount of leg. That was annoying, and I’m sure I looked just FABULOUS leaning forward to hike the hem down. Sort of a feminine version of the Picard Maneuver.

And Black Panties.

Women could wear modest underwear and tights as was mentioned and that should be enough.

I don’t think that many would actually need to go so far as to also wear over both of those a thong with an angry-faced furby sown to the outside of the crotch. Or one with an expression that says,“Break The Gaze, Bub”.

I was in high school when minis were popular and the one thing that stands out to me after all these years is ‘beware the stairs’. Our school had open stairways and you had to somehow climb the stairs without giving the boys who invariably stood at the bottom of the stairs an eyeful. Other than that, I don’t remember it being that difficult. You did have to sit down carefully, and of course you couldn’t cross your legs, but the annoyance was minor.

And yes, definitely opaque tights and undies.

Wow, grumpy, you’re a lot hotter than I’d imagined for some reason.

“Verrrrry carefully” :):):slight_smile:

Many girls at the local school wear them. Yes, it’s freezing here. They have very thick tights.

I’d sit towards the front of the office chair, legs to the side, while taking dictation (look it up ;-).) To stand up, I moved a bit closer to the front of the chair, moved my legs (knees together) to the front, dropped one foot to the back, and pushed myself to a standing position. Learning how to do that was taught, as was walking with a book on one’s head.

The too short for work test was whether or not the hem of the skirt or dress was above one’s finger tips when your arms were at your sides.

Didn’t wear tights, but there were to die for panty hose back in the day.

An outdated garment, the half slip, kept one’s skirt or dress in place