Question for women who wear padded bras

This is a question for, how shall I say it, “under endowed” women who use padded bras to give themselves the appearance of having large breasts. What do you expect will happen (or what has happened) when you get intimate with a man you meet and he discovers that you take your breasts off with the rest of your clothing? Do you expect (or have you found) that men fall in love with the “whole package” from the moment they meet you and don’t care that you really are as advertised?

Now, there are plenty of men in the world who don’t care about a woman’s breast size, or who actually prefer smaller breasts. I happen to be one of them. It seems to me, however, that women who artificially increase the appearance of their breast size are going out of their way to attrract men who actually prefer women with larger breasts And I’m just wondering what happens when these women do catch a guy’s atttention and later have to reveal that it was all just for show.



Well… you can’t increase apparent boobage that much with a padded bra. An A cup isn’t going to give the impression of a D cup - so it’s not like a D-cup fancier is going to find himself with the A-cup of disappointment. An A cup might look more like a B cup with a padded T shirt bra, and like a biggish B cup with well-defined cleavage with a padded pushup bra.

Pushup bras like the Wonderbra and Ultrabra give the inpression of firmer, rounder breasts which sit close together to give plenty plenty cleavage. I suppose a chap might be disappointed to find that when loosed from their push-up casing the breasts in fact more or less droop, and don’t actually look like ice-cream scoops. I think chaps are becoming wise to the Wonderbra, and can probably spot a Wonderbra created cleavage.

I guess my response is to wonder, do most guys expect cleavage to remain cleavagey when unwrapped? I’m in the mid-range of the endowment spectrum and it certainly doesn’t work that way for me.

I think the guys for whom the actual size is important would be able to spot the wonderbra effect. Personally I don’t think of them as trying to fool the rest of the world into thinking there are huge breasts in there but rather using what’s available to the best possible advantage.

If he’s going to be that disappointed if he’s gotten that far, it serves him right!

Well, I suppose an anology could be made if I, being an “under endowed” male, stuck a sock in my pants to make women think I had more going on down there than I really do. Whether or not all women prefer men who are well hung is irrelevant – the point is that I would never do this since I would obviously be trying to impress women who do prefer men with larger equipment, and inevitably the truth would out (as Shakespeare might say).

Or what about bald men who wear toupees? If I were bald, I would never wear a toupee in an effort to be more attractive to women, since any woman who was then attracted to me would likely be rather upset when she discovered the truth.

Again, if a woman artifically increases the appearance of her breasts, does she really think that it won’t matter to a guy that finds her attractive as a result? And if she’s looking for a guy to whom it wouldn’t matter, why would she wear the padded bra in the first place?


I think padded bras are just to help the appearance of the situation of the breats, not to actually enlarge them, like Tansu said. Some shirts call for nice cleavage, regular bras do not help with this, but padded (or water or air, thanks Victoria’s Secret!) bras do push the girls together for a nicer picture, I guess gwendee already said that. Aparently I have nothing new to add to this thread, just supporting evidence.

Ditto what Tansu said. Padded bras don’t increase the size that much. I would say it’s about half a cup size worth.

I wear them because I like the round breast look push-up bras create. I try to find the ones with the thinnest padding, because I’m not interesting in fooling anyone. I figure once I’m at the point of getting naked with a guy he’s not going to care if they’re slightest smaller than he thought, just as I’m not going to reject him if he turns out to be less well endowed than I had hoped. Us women usually don’t have the slightest clue what we’re getting until it’s too late, so stop complaining! :smiley:

As I mentioned just now on a different thread, it’s actually very hard to find bras in smaller sizes that aren’t padded. The manufacturers all seem to assume that if you’re small you must want to pretend to be big.

Heh heh. “Supporting evidence.” I like that! :slight_smile:

Don’t ask me. Do you know how HARD it is to find a non-padded non-underwired A cup bra? Eeek!

I tried on a wonderbra once, out of curiosity, but it just didn’t work. I much prefer being on my side of the spectrum, anyway.

To get an idea of my figure, go look at Botticelli’s Venus. I’m gunna look like a guy smuggling apples if I don’t wear padding while wearing some clothes. Other clothes, the girls are still small, but they look fine without padding. When I was younger (my freshman year) I literally stuffed my bra, and I had some impressive breasts. Then I started dating this guy, realized the issues involved if all that came off (it never did), and just gave it up. Now, if I’m wearing something outrageous (Mainly my corset top) I’ll pad and then add a bit more of my own padding, cause the girls just look too little sometimes! Otherwise it’s a normal bra, or what the store will endow me with, depending on the outfit. My boyfriend has seen them sans padding, and there is no problem. Same with the ex, or anyone else that has seen em. More of a “Yay breasts!” than a, “hey, those are smaller than advertised!”.

I’m on the smallish side, and most of the bras I buy have a little padding. But I think godzillatemple is asking about massively padded bras - the kind that look like they have a couple of C-cups in them even when they are in the drawer. I do know a woman who is under-endowed rather dramatically, and the simple fact is she cannot find clothes that fit. So she buys bras with breasts in them, so her shirts don’t cave in in front.

Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. Not bras that add a little contour or support, but the ones that are specifically designed to make a woman’s breasts 2 or 3 cup sizes bigger. I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear, but I don’t know the correct terminology other than to call them “padded.” I’ve heard there are gel inserts that are essentially fake breasts – temporary boob jobs if you will. And it seems to me that women who wear those are apparently trying to attract men who won’t be satisfied with the “real thing” when they discover it.

Yes, some men are shallow. But it seems hypocritical if a woman deliberately panders to a man’s shallowness by wearing a massively padded bra and then is surprised to find out that the man really is, in fact, shallow.


Are those very common? I’ve never seen a bra as padded as you describe. I read something about the gel inserts once, touted as an alternative to boob jobs, but I’ve never heard of them being used outside of Hollywood. Some of the padded bras are really stiff, but I’ve never seen that that thick.

I have no idea how common they are, only that they exist and I have seen them marketed. Again, I’m just wondering what a woman must be thinking to wear them.


I wear a C-cup, so I can easily find non-padded bras, although sometimes it’s a trial to find them without underwires, because apparently I’m supposed to WANT them in the vicinity of my throat.

At any rate, I’m not convinced that womeon who wear super-padded bras are necessarily doing it to attract men. Maybe they, like LifeonWry’s friend, are just trying to make sure their clothes fit properly and their bodies are more proportionate. I know a lot of men who like breasts a LOT, but most of them don’t seem hung up on it to the point of looking past women who don’t have big boobs. And of course, not all women are looking to bring men into their lives, especially men fixated on breast size.

In a similar vein, I’m not sure that men wearing toupees are doing it to pick up chicks–the few I’ve known have attributed it more to enhancing their own self-image and making them feel more comfortable in public.

Hmmm. Maybe I don’t get out enough…

I guess I see padded bras as an opportunity to change things up.

I’m a C cup and have a VS bra with the gel inserts that I wear to be particularly boobilicious. I have other bras that are very shaped (i.e. they stand up even when I’m not in them) that I wear when I want a very smooth, clean line (under a dres shirt or any silky or stretchy top). For day-to-day wear, I have unpadded bras with underwire.

High heels make my legs longer, foundation makes my skin appear more even, eyeliner makes my eyes more dramatic, and I have a shade of lipstick for every mood. Bras are just one more element in my dress-up game.

On the other hand, I have a friend who is a mid-sized A cup and wears a padded bra regularly/daily. It probably makes her look like a B cup. She doesn’t wear it to get a guy’s attention, and in general she doesn’t wear low-cut blouses. I really believe she just feels more adult with a bit of help in the boob department. She’s dating a guy now and if they became a long-time item, she’d still wear the padded bra, even though she’s got the guy. (So, similar to what bodypoet is saying…)

I don’t know that I’ve ever run into padded bras that increase a woman’s breast size this dramatically, godzillatemple; then again, I’ve never really been in the market.

After some preliminary searching:

Victoria’s Secret offers an add-a-cup bra (but that only goes up one cup size). They also sell silicone inserts, separate from bras, that increase a woman’s breasts by two full cup sizes.

Frederick’s offers an add-a-size insert, but no bras that claim to increase a woman’s cup size.

So, I guess if you combine the VS inserts with the add-a-cup bra, you could go up three cup sizes. It would probably look hellah awkward, but it could be done for a little over $80(!). :slight_smile:

Another advantage of the plain padded bras (the ones that enlarge just 1/2 cup) is that they hide erect nipples very well. A friend of mine with A-cup buys them for that reason and that reason only. She often has erect nipples, from the cold, or the chafing of clothing, or just for no reason at all (and not for the obvious reason erect nipples= sexual arousal). She finds it embarassing to be teased about it by male friends. “Hey, are you cold or just happy to see me?”.

That’s the reason I buy bras too. My nipples happen to be unusually large, and it’s extremely embarassing to look aroused when in fact all I am is cold!