Question on Baltar from the new BSG

I’ve recently been catching up on the new series, and I have to say I really like it so far.

It’s particularly amazing considering what absolute garbage the original series was.

Anyways, maybe I missed something, but there’s one huge thing that doesn’t make sense to me.

(Spoilers for the pilot below)

Baltar was responsible for unintentionally giving Hot Blonde Cylon access to the defense department computer systems. Obviously, for anyone else to find this out would be A Bad Thing as far as Baltar is concerned.

Great. All of that makes sense.

However, since Cylons can look human a Cylon Detector has become very important. Baltar is the man working on this. It seems that he is afraid of actually completing the device…

Why is this? Will completing the detector somehow reveal his secret in some way I don’t understand? Did I miss something?


He completed the device as of a few episodes ago. He did show concern when he got a ‘positive’ hit a few weeks back, but only because he thought that the Cylon in question might wig out and punch his head off. (And that was at the suggestion of Super Hot Blonde Cylon, who seemed to have been acting to protect the Cylons identity.)

Whether or not Baltar is actually a Cylon, I don’t know. I don’t see how they can explain the constant visions of the Super Hot Blonde Cylon, but they have some clever writers, so who knows?

Meh , if he completes it ,then he goes back to being a distinguished scientist , as opposed to being somewhat in the power circle. Might take a mad scientist to build it ,but would only take a private to run it.

Other than that , he seems to be playing some sort of game with the cylon chick in his mind , at some point he is going to have a database of all current humanbots , from there its just a database query for matching pictures.


As has been said, he has actually completed the device, but for some reason, he’s just saying that everyone’s testing human, regardless of the actual results. So for, we the audience only know that Boomer is a Cylon. Everyone else is still questionable. They haven’t really explained why he’s doing this. It’s probably a power thing in my opinion. If he’s the only one who knows who’s really human, that gives him a lot of power.

I just took that to mean that (assuming he is human) he is completely wacko, and can’t be trusted to distinguish fantasy from reality anymore. After all, he is under a lot of stress, since it appears that he is the only surviving person who has the skill to develop a human vs cylon test. (Aren’t there any other doctors who could at least assist him???)

My question is… How do they know that he isn’t a cylon himself? Are the others just assuming that if he develops a test, he must be human?

I can’t say that I really like this new version of BSG, but I keep watching it mainly to try to figure out what’s going on with Baltos.

I think he said something to the effect of “It’s so much easier this way” when discussing with in-head-six the fact that everybody passes the cylon test. This would imply that he is simply trying to avoid further conflict, especially if it might involve him in any way.