Question on partial unemployment

I just have a fast question to make sure I am not going to be hurting myself down the road. I was furloughed last month, but this week my employer asked be back part time. They will work with be so I can still collect a partial claim.

In the letter I received from the PA unemployment office it gives a dollar amount that is the max I can earn and still collect a partial claim. At my hourly pay rate it works out to 28 hours and 20 minuets per week. So as long as I work under that (and I will keep my hours under 28), I will collect a partial claim, and qualify for the $600 a week, correct?

That is how it seems to me, but I just want to make sure.


Unemployment compensation rules vary quite a bit from state to state. I can’t comment on what the rules in PA are, but if you qualify for $1 per week in state unemployment compensation, you *will *receive the $600 per week federal “kicker” in addition to state UI compensation.

Also note that the $600, while fully funded by the federal government, is still administered by the state through their UI compensation fund. Again, I don’t know the situation in PA, but a lot of states have had a lot of problems getting their systems set up to process the additional payments. You will get the $600 eventually - the program specifically and explicitly guarantees back-payments if you experience delays in getting the payments initially - but, you might experience delays in getting the payments initially.

Thank you. Just as I thought.

Actually you don’t have to qualify for state unemployment. The CARES act allows independent contractors and gig workers to qualify for the $600. They still don’t qualify for unemployment in most (all?) states.

That’s why the states had such a hard time setting up the system.

It took a while, but I finally started to receive my unemployment direct deposits last week. And this week I started to receive the $600 payments, five $600 payments in total so far.

But I have a question. I read somewhere that if you are called back to work, and furloughed again, that you will not receive the $600 payments even though it is before the July deadline. The reasoning seems to be that the first furloughed was due to covid-19, the the second is considered to be a normal layoff, not covid-19 related.

Me and several employees were brought back part time (not re-furloughed), do we still qualify for the $600?

I can’t seem to find the info online. Anyone have any idea? Thanks