Question re: bicycles in Belgium versus Amsterdam

Ok, this is an odd subjective sort of question. I need to go to Antwerp/ Bruges for 6 weeks this summer. Last year I spent 5 weeks in Amsterdam and due to the reputation the town has for bike theft rates I used an old, um, dispensible English bike while I was there-- the other option is a rather expensive folding bike I have-- it travels very well and works splendidly and I like the idea of longer travel on it better than the local ‘Omafiets’ (sorry, all you Omafietsliefhebbers out there, but I like dependable brakes and blood circulation in my legs). So I suppose the question is whether Flanders has nearly the theft rate as Amsterdam. Should I be really concerned about leaving a good (and unusual-looking) bike with a “u-lock” or 2 on the street in Antwerp or Bruges for an hour or two? Overnight?
And I think I asked this before, but do we have any Flandopers on the boards?

This looks to me like the type of thread that should go in IMHO.

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Thank you, Arnold.

Any Belgians aboard here??

I don’t think it’s as bad as in Amsterdam capybara, but then, nothing is.

I would take some extra locks with you, just in case. Have a lovely time in Belgium. Brugge is a beautiful town. * not as great as Amsterdam, ofcourse* :wink:

Bruges, the Venice of the North! Gorgeous city.

Yeah, with a good U-lock, I would leave a bike unattended in Bruges. Maybe not Antwerp if the bike is that special - that city is just as criminal as Amsterdam. Although I don’t know for sure about bike theft.

If it’s a fold-up bike, can’t you take it into your hotel room?

And DAMN you for the Omafiets remarks! Brakes, who needs brakes on a bicycle in Amsterdam? They have a bell, which works find for warning pedestrians. :wink: