Question re: Black Mirror - White Bear (SPOILERS)

OK, so if you haven’t seen this episode, or this series, NETFLIX IT NOW!!! (But do brace yourself for one of the creepiest, most unsettling episodes of a TV shows you’ve ever seen.) But there is a twist to the episode, and even if you know it’s coming, it’s a doozy so you shouldn’t see any more spoilers to it. So…
(spoiler space)

I still do have a question about the end. What was with the producer scattering pills on the floor before resetting the torture session? I didn’t get why they bothered to let this woman think she tried to kill herself. Wasn’t it enough that she awoke with no memory of who she was or how she got in that house? I heard the woman’s “ally” ask something about trying to kill herself too, so it was important somehow. I just don’t understand why. Was it just a cruel jab like, “We know you want to die, but we won’t let you. We’re going to make you go through this again and again and again.”

I figured it was a way for her to explain to herself why she had no memory.

I think it’s giving her an explanation for her circumstances - waking up in a strange apartment with no memory of who she is. It is also kickstarting the psychological torture - merely waking up in an amnesiac haze wouldn’t be nearly as unpleasant.

And most importantly - on a meta level, it’s giving us, the audience, a fat red herring to follow. Like her, we’ll jump to the conclusion that her amnesia is accidental.