Question regarding trees

I was wondering if anyone knows what l can do. I rent an apt but the neighbors trees hang right over my car and l get leaves, bird poopie, seeds stems etc. It is peeling the paint off my car. Also, alot of his trees hang right over my apt and l have had big branches on my balcony. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Since this is asking for advice, let’s move it over to IMHO.

It is legal to trim any branch that hangs over your property up to the property line as long as it does not kill the tree.
You would likely need your landlord to do it since he is the property owner.

Alternately, you could buy a tarp.

This is my understanding as well, but you would be well-served to make sure the law is the same where you live.

Step one is to inform your landlord. He may not like what is happening any more than you and take action. So inform him in writing more than once and then you can sue him for damages if he takes no action. Probably best to plan on moving if you reach that point.

You can try to sue the tree owner. IANALawyer but I assume he needs to be informed that his tree is causing damage, and that your car is parked in a valid spot, and who knows what else. Your balcony is a different matter, the balcony itself belongs to your landlord, perhaps you have some claim to any property you keep out there.

Still, start with the informing the landlord, ask him to take it up with the neighbor and hope for a decent outcome.


First step, talk to the neighbor and ask them to trim the trees

Nitpick: talk to the owner of the property next door. The neighbor may also be renting, and not have control over the tree either.

I’d bring it up with my landlord first, myself. If that doesn’t go anywhere, then ^^ is a good second step.