question: sexuality in Bonobo Chimps

As we humans age, our frequency of sexual activity slackens off. After a certain point it becomes increasingly physically difficult.

Bonobos are highly sexual, and use and trade sex for most everything. It seems to me that an aging bonobo which followed that human trend would begin to lose out in chimp society. I’m betting they screw - like monkeys- right up until death.

I’m asking about chimps because they have few predators, and of the large mammals, they are sexual outside of reproductive urges.

My ultimate curiosity is whether as humans we lose it cause we dont use it, if you know know what I mean.

are you comparing bonobo and humans? or either to chimps (common) or monkeys?

bonobos also share grooming and food as well a sex in their effort for good interactions.

also lots of bonobo sex in nonorgasmic, getting licked would likely feel good at any age or in any amount.

We live to be unusually old for our metabolism (an observation courtesy of Isaac Asimov, who made a chart of our average and extreme ages in lifetime heartbeats compared to other animals). I think bonobos do not live past the equivalent of human early middle age. Our sexparts still work pretty good at that age.

I know mine do!

Science is on the case!

Urinary Testosterone Metabolite Levels in Captive Bonobos: Relationship with Age

Thanks kimstu

Male bonobos are going to lose out for the same reason common chimps do- young upstart males are stronger.

But bonobo society is mainly run by the females, and the “sex” they have is along the lines of genital rubbing. They don’t need to get it up to keep things going. But the alpha female is going to be displaced eventually by a younger counterpart, too.