Questions about Clint Eastwood's "Blood Work" (WARNING: SPOILERS)


Just saw this film last night. I am confused about the guy at the ATM—you know, the one with the long hair and beard, (and wearing the sunglasses and earring that he got from the victims). He comes up behind Clint Eastwood’s character at the ATM machine, claps his hand on Eastwood’s shoulder, and says something about “Are you done, buddy?” or something like that. Eastwood later deduces that this guy at the ATM was, indeed, the killer.

But how can this be? The ATM guy surely was not supposed to be Jeff Daniels’ character, was it? At the climax of the movie, Daniels says that “I could have killed you at the ATM” but if he was not the guy at the ATM, where was he? Who was that guy at the ATM?

I went back and found that scene on the DVD and looked at the ATM guy (with the beard, sunglasses, etc.) and he was NOT Daniels. Didn’t have the same mouth. (Daniels has this weird mouth—thin upper lip, funny curve to his mouth.) This guy had fuller lips—no way in hell was he Daniels. Was Eastwood’s character wrong about the ATM guy?

What gives here?

Aargh, what a crappy movie. Very disappointing.

I had the same question as you because the ATM guy is clearly NOT Jeff Daniels. I suspected him by that point so was looking to compare and could clearly see it’s not him.

But I think we are supposed to believe that it WAS him in disguise. They just didn’t want to give it up with the close up.

So many, many questions that this movie should have answered but didn’t and just asks us to believe!

Daniels was probably getting a hummer in his trailer, while his stand-in did the ATM scene.

Awful movie.

Man, that is a big cheat then. They seriously expect us to think that ATM guy was Daniels? How dumb do they think we are?

I enjoyed the movie on one level (I was not expecting much) but there were too many things that did not work. Too bad.

I would like to reiterate as I try to every time a new Blood Work thread starts up, the book was much, much better. Please don’t judge Michael Connelly by what Clint Eastwood did to his book. :slight_smile:

I immediately knew it was Jeff Daniels. I had it figured out at that point. It looked JUST like him.