Question about Blood Work *Spoiler Alert*


They kind of breezed past it. Either that or my wife was talking too damn much at the move, and I didn’t hear key dialog.

The ‘code’ murder left a code. The kid notices there are no 1s in the code. Is that Jeff Danial’s way of saying “I’m no one”? What does his name “Jasper” have to do with anything? Clint Eastwood says something about figuring it out because of the name Jasper.

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That should read

Jeff Daniels’

Please continue…

Haven’t seen it; not planning to.

I got my fill of the “incredibly meticulous serial killer leaves amazingly subtle clues that can only be interpreted by incredibly amazingly brilliant investigator(s)” genre with The Bone Collector. It’s so divorced from reality, you may as well watch two psychic characters battling on the astral plane.

But then, I still get mildly annoyed when the lab geek on CSI gets a used Kleenex and comes up with positive DNA matches at warp speed.

The code was his last name, not his first.

Jasper Noone=Jasper No One

There may be something with Jasper as well, but the last name was the big clue.

Could you please tell your wife to be quiet? I hate movie talkers with a passion. Even if you whisper, I can still hear you.

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Bryan – I agree about The Bone Collector, but I thought Blood Work was more believable (just got back from seeing it). Good performances.

Just a friendly “bump” because I want to know, too.

Yes, it is made painfully obvious what the significance of “the code” and Jeff Daniel’s last name “Noone” is.

But as Enright3 in the OP mentioned, Clint Eastwood specifically makes a comment referring to the significance of Jeff Daniel’s first name, Jasper. It went by kind of quick, but after the movie I was still wondering what the meaning of “Jasper” was, or how (or if) it tipped off Eastwood.

I would actually be more impressed with the movie if there was SOMETHING Eastwood’s character figured out before I did. :smiley:

(That being said, I thought the film was pretty decent. It was a very clever idea, with adequate execution.)

The “Jasper” comment was a joke. They had joked about “Jasper” being a really bad first name earlier, when Buddy gave away the endin-- I mean, spelled out his last name for Terry. :slight_smile: The later “Jasper” comment was just a reprise of that conversation; you always have to look for the reprise with Eastwood. It’s his way of tying up loose ends.

I have to say to everyone who was disappointed by this movie, though: read the book. It is much, much, much better than the movie. They reduced about a third of the book to one line of dialogue (“You’re still the number one suspect to me!”) and did a horrible job of conveying McCaleb’s working methodology. In the book, you really get the feeling that McCaleb was a profiler. In the movie, he could be any number of FBI field agents with insight into the killer mind.

I saw it yesterday and thought it was pretty good. Not great, but entertaining. Clint was doing his clenched jaw voice so I might have misunderstood, but what I heard him say was that he knew from the last name but he “still hadn’t quite figured out the Jasper part” or words to that effect. Then there’s a shot of Jeff Daniels looking smug and shrugging, and it’s not brought up again.

Maybe Daniels was refering to his ghost-like qualities? Oh, wait, never mind.

As I recall, Jeff Daniels says, “I look more like a Buddy than a Jasper”; and of course he’s doing a convincing job of posing as a harmless boat bum.

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