Questions about "Jade" (David Caruso movie) (spoilers possible)

Chances are, I’m not going to watch Jade, but I’m curious about it because of its pop culture reputation as a classic stinker. I was perusing Roger Ebert’s review of the movie and two things made me curious.

What’s he talking about? What is Jade willing to do that the other prostitutes aren’t willing to do?

What was the final line of dialogue?

Be in the movie “Jade.”

This movie had a nude Angie Everhart, one of the finest females ever to walk the earth. It’s aces in my book.

Going from memory here, so be kind.

Angie Everhart tells the investigator a john had wanted her to take it anally. She told him she didn’t do that. The john responded Jade did and that she loved it.

Apparently Ebert thinks the producers intent was to show Jade as a strongly self-empowered woman, but that receiving sodomy has a social implication of the exact opposite.

I think the last line is this (Set-up: Jade is an alias/secret identity of a well-to-do woman who’s husband was involved with the investigation and has discovered her secret life as a call girl.) Her husband is about to leave for a meeting or a business trip. He turns to her and says, “When I get back, maybe you’ll introduce me to Jade.”