Questions about PUNK'D

I’ve only seen one episode of the show (the Justin Timberlake one), though that was enough. (It seems really mean spirited, but that could be me.) I did think that Kutcher was hysterical on The Today Show today when he Punk’d Katie Couric, however. (For those who didn’t see it, he went believably ballistic when she asked about his relationship with Demi Moore and stormed off, then said Punk’d!, which for those who only speak 80s and 90s teen idolese is his version of Whoa!.)

My questions:

I’ve heard several comments about Amber Tamblyn (how young I must not be that I think of her as “Russ’s daughter”) not being at all appreciative of her “punk’ing”. I know it involved a dog but that’s all I know; if anybody saw it, what was the set-up/payoff?

Supposedly Leonardo Dicaprio (remember him? He was really hot a few years ago for playing a retarded kid in an iron mask on a sinking ship or something) is upset over an attempt to Punk his fiancee. Have any other actors expressed anger over Punkings or attempted punkings?

Kutcher is withdrawing from the show. Has he announced a reason? (I’m wondering if it’s the negative press.)

She was having lunch with a friend, and a woman came by and asked her if she’d hold her dog until her fiance showed up - she had to run to the bathroom real quick. A few minutes later a guy came by, said “There she is!” to the dog, thanked Amber and walked off with it. Then the woman returned, asked where the dog was, and said “no, that’s not my fiance, he just called to say he’d be late! Where’s my dog??!!” Amber’s friend (who was in on it) suggested Amber say she can give her some money for the dog, so Amber reulctantly agreed and suggested it, and the woman got even more upset. IIRC she said the dog had won “best in show” and was worth $25,000. After Amber was let in on it, I don’t recall her being noticeably upset nor angry - I thought she behaved just like everyone else. If there’s more about it off-camera I’m not aware of it.

He said something to the effect of “we’ve had our fun and we’re turning in our punkin’ hats” during the last episode. But I read an article that it was just BS so people wouldn’t think they were still capable of being punked. MTV will have another season of it.

(No idea about the DiCaprio thing).