Questions about ST II Wrath of Khan & The Beatles


I was watching Wrath of Khan on AMC the other day (The Wrath of Khan on AMC?!?! There’s something SO not right with that, but that’s a whole other thread.)

In particular the scene where Kirk contacts Spock and asks how badly the Enterprise has been damaged and Spock says something to the effect of * "The situation is grave Admiral. Going “by the book,” hours could seem like days. It will take at least 4 days to affect repairs, etc, etc.*

While Spock and Kirk are talking they cut to a scene of Khan listening in on the conversation.

Which leads to my question.

Assuming that when Spock said that “hours could seem like days,” did he really mean that “hours would seem like hours,” ie that it would really take 4 hours to complete the repairs?

And if so, why did they use such an obvious code system? If Khan is supposed to be a genius, how could he not see through all of the code talk and get the real meaning of the situation?

As for my Beatles question, I am looking for a poster that depicts the artwork for the Anthology series, ie; the paintings that were on the covers of the 3 CD’s and the DVD set. I’ve looked at a number of websites that sell posters, but none of them have it. Ebay hasn’t been much help either. Any other places anyone could suggest?


“Going by the book” was a veiled reference to Lt. Saavik’s criticism of Kirk earlier in the movie. The Enterprise is damaged only because Kirk ignored a General Order concerning the approach of any vessel when communications have not been established. Saavik quoted the reg at Kirk, and was rebuked. After the Enterprise escaped from the immediate attack, Kirk exhorted her to “keep right on quoting regulations.”

Later, when Spock talks to Kirk over an open frequency, he says “By the book,” twice - referring to another general order concerning the use of uncoded transmissions on open frequencies. This signlals Kirk that there will be some effort at a code. Khan, not steeped in Starfleet General Orders trivia – indeed, if he had been, he wouldn’t have tried the trick he did – has no reason to suspect anything other than ordinary communication, since he thinks the Starfleet people think he’s long gone.

Khan also realizes it’s not such a big deal one way or the other - when he finally sees the ship, he does breathe through clenched teeth that the Enterprise is “…not as crippled as we were led to believe…” but he’s not furious or put off – the Reliant is still in better shape, an advantage Kirk negates by bringing them into the Mutari Nebula.

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Or maybe this is the poster you were looking for . .