Questions about The Dome

I haven’t seen the series but I was passingly curious to know what the Dome’s properties are.[ul]
[li]What happens when you touch the Dome? Is it just a solid resistance or does it vaporize stuff that touches it?[/li][li]What happens where the Dome touches the ground? Is it in fact a sphere that goes completely underneath?[/li][li]Related to the above, what happens when you try to tunnel under the Dome?[/li][li]Does air/gas pass through the Dome?[/li][li]It passes light (with some refraction). How about radio, UV, etc?[/li][/ul]
Any other properties I forgot to ask about?

What happens when you touch the Dome? Is it just a solid resistance or does it vaporize stuff that touches it?
It only kills people who have pacemakers.

[li]What happens where the Dome touches the ground? Is it in fact a sphere that goes completely underneath?[/li]In one episode they say “We’ve dug as far down as we could and it’s still there.”

[li]Related to the above, what happens when you try to tunnel under the Dome?[/li]In the book they say it’s probably spherical due to the above statement.

[li]Does air/gas pass through the Dome?[/li]Air, gas and water(slowly) but not soot.

[li]It passes light (with some refraction). How about radio, UV, etc?[/li]They eves drop on military communications from outside in several episodes.

Apparently it’s impervious to any attempts to breach it.

More specifically, anything electrical or electronic explodes when it gets within a couple of feet of the dome. It’s safe to touch, if you don’t have a watch, cell phone, radio, hearing aid, flashlight, etc.

This only applies to the inside of the dome. We’ve seen people on the outside using tablets and walkie-talkies. Whether this is a property of the dome or simply a writer’s oversight is not yet clear.

Having watched this dud from the start I’m going with an oversight on behalf of the writer or producers.

Especially since sheriff lady didn’t seem at all concerned when her BF was using a tablet to communicate with her outside the dome. How was she supposed to know it only affects people inside the dome?

stupid passes right through the dome.

IIRC in the first episode, the boyfriend outside got a shock when he touched the dome. So that would imply that electronics would be affected on that side as well.


Since the dome is spherical, has anybody tried to figure out where the center is, and gone to see if anything weird is there?

Not yet. A couple of teenagers took it on themselves to try mapping the perimeter of the dome, but they got distracted before getting very far. They’ve determined that it’s about ten miles in diameter, and they only know that it’s a dome because the radio station picked up staticy fragments of military transmissions calling it that.

Do we assume that ground level is at the center?

Folks, the book and the mini-series are called Under the Dome for a reason. The story isn’t about the dome itself. In the book, very little time is spent exploring the dome’s limits, properties, or even source. The TV series seems to be spending even less on that. The story is about the society that is cut off from the outside world. The TV series has them even more cut off by having very little direct communication between inside and outside. In the book, cell phones and internet work. They even watch CNN.

There are also a pair of teenagers, a girl and a boy, who have discovered that when they touch, they both fall unconscious briefly. They set up a video camera to find out what happens when they pass out. The video showed them falling to the floor, their limbs jerking as if they were sharing some kind of seizure. Both of them started speaking some unintelligible gibberish, then the boy sat upright, turned toward the camera, and put his finger to his lips in a “ssssh!” gesture. After watching the video, they jumped to the conclusion that the dome is trying to communicate with them, and it doesn’t want anyone else to know.

This is the one part of the series that intrigues me. Of course, that means that the ultimate explanation, if there is one, will be disappointing.

Absolutely right. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But as a hard science fiction geek, I’ve always been more intrigued by the mechanics of the gimmick than the personalities of the characters. I need to at least superficially understand the rules of Sam Beckett’s quantum leaping, the principles of Green Lantern’s power ring, and the theory behind the U.S.S. Enterprise’s holodeck to fully enjoy the shows.

No. The people of the town seem oddly incurious about the dome.

How did a bloody palm print get on the Dome as shown in several previews? That’s what made me think it worked sort of like the dome in a science fiction story, The Box by James Blish. In that story, the dome would vaporize anything that touched it.

The guy whose hand print it is had just gotten shocked by touching the Dome, and he’s standing next to half a cow that was split in half by the Dome’s initial creation. He dips his hand in the blood and presses his hand on the invisible wall.

The cow that had no internal organs or bones. :wink:

The cow that I’m darned tired of seeing every week in the cold open scene.

I know it was a bad model, but IMO, the cow was the best thing in the series so far.