Questions about traveling to Brazil

So I’m supposed to be going to Brazil in a few months for a weding (Sao Paulo area). My girlfriend, however, is driving me nuts because thanks to the stupid travel guides and government travel web site warnings, she thinks we are going to be set apon by bands tiny spider-monkey-like machete weilding bandits, kidnapped and dragged off into a Favela as soon as we step off the airplane. And it’s not surprising since all those guides paint a picture of Brazil being Mad Max in the Rainforest with a Black Market Organ Harvesting Threat of “Elevated”.

Now I’ve actually been to Rio about ten years ago. Aside from being somewhat shady at night and my friend being constantly harrassed by little kids begging to shine his sneakers for money during the day, we had no problems. Although it’s understood that it is a huge city with a lot of poor people and one should be vigilant.

So what is the real deal?