Questions about zaba search please...

When I looked myself up on it I’m listed 8 times. All of these have most of my info correct except my DOB. On half of the listings they have my age as 21, I’m 31. The other half they have my correct age and birth date. On the correct entries they have after DOB, “recorded” then a date such as 3/10/04. What does this mean? What is the significants of the date? Is this the date I made application for something like a credit card, loan app…? Why am I listed so many times? Where did the age 21 come from any ideas? My name is not common all the entries are me so its not a 21 y/o with the same name.

Can anyone shed some light on this? I hate Zaba search. But am now obscessed with it :confused:



Zabasearch is only a search engine. It displays results from publicly accessible databases. In your case, there are discrepancies among the databases holding information about you.

Thanks for the link and info : )